Jihadi left stateless. Leftists weep.

Caption: Not coming back.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, as the saying goes. Tens of thousands of idiot Muslims flocked to join the Islamic State, in order to get in on the head-chopping, sex-slaving Allah-action. Happily, many ended up on the wrong end of a Hellfire missile, despatched on a one-way trip to Paradise.

Sadly, though, not enough. With the territorial collapse of Islamic State, thousands of jihadis are flocking back to the West. Apparently determined to slit its own throat, the West is actually letting them back in. In Australia, though, Peter Dutton is making sure at least one notorious jihadi never comes back. Quote:

Fiji?s prime minister says Islamic State recruiter Neil Prakash ?cannot come here?, breaking his silence on an issue that began when the former Melbourne man was stripped of his Australia citizenship.

In comments reported by the Fiji Sun this morning, Frank Bainimarama said the 27-year-old ?cannot come here because he does not qualify.?

?At any rate, he is a terrorist and a member of ISIS,? Mr Bainimarama said. ?We don?t entertain them nor do we accommodate them.? End of quote.

The Australian government is arguing that Prakash is a Fijian citizen, so that it can strip him of his Australian citizenship. Quote:

There is ?no doubt? notorious terrorist Neil Prakash was a Fijian ?national and the stripping of his Australian citizenship was legal, Peter Dutton has declared.

Referring to legal advice provided by the Australian Government Solicitor, the Home Affairs Minister stood firm on the action after Fiji?s top immigration official said there was no record of the ?Islamic State recruiter ever being a citizen of the Pacific Island ?country. End of quote.

Naturally, the left aren?t happy ? aren?t happy at all ? that a poor widdle jihadi might be left stateless. Quote:

The comments from Nemani Vuniwaqa, the director of Fiji?s immigration department, also led to the Law Council of Australia calling for a ?thorough investigation? of Prakash?s citizenship.

Mr Dutton yesterday hit out at what he said was ?a lot of misinformation that?s been peddled at the moment?, taking aim at Labor?s immigration spokesman Shayne Neumann, who suggested proper due diligence about Prakash?s ?nationalities was not undertaken?Mr Dutton slammed the Labor MP, describing him as ?reckless at best, likely incompetent and clearly doesn?t have any comprehension? of the process to strip someone of their citizenship. End of quote.


Of course, the ?compassionate? left were out in force, wringing their hands and weeping for a brutal Islamic State jihadi. Paul ?Bongo? Bongiorno took time out from lobbing racist slurs at Warren Mundine, to whine that the terrorist has ?been left stateless?. Mike Carlton sobered up long enough to blither that Prakash is bad, but?Dutton!

And, just to prove there?s no show without Punch, tilty-headed ambulance chaser Julian Burnside chimed in with the jaw-dropping claim that, ?Prakash may be bad, but Dutton is dangerous?.

So, on the one hand, you have a jihadi who collaborated on a plot to cause mass deaths in Melbourne, a senior member of a depraved, murderous mob of Islamic fanatics, responsible for crimes of astonishing brutality, mass-murder, and systematic mass-rape and slavery; on the other, an Australian conservative government minister.

Guess which one the left hates more?