Judith Collins flexes her muscles against Phil Twyford

Judith Collins and Phil Twyford. Photo credit: The AM Show

The National camp has been close lipped lately (hunkering down before the storm?) but Judith Collins has come out all guns blazing, calling for Phil Twyford?s head on a platter.  She wants him to hand over the housing portfolio to a minister who will ?ruthlessly deal to the issues around KiwiBuild.” It?s about time!

Radio NZ reports on Collins? assessment of Stephen Barclay?s resignation as head of KiwiBuild. Quote.

Whenever you have a unit that’s not quite sure how to do its job, they don’t have good leadership, you’re going to find issues with delivery.

Judith Collins

And she questioned the minister’s statement that Mr Barclay’s departure would have no impact on the building programme.? End of quote.

Twyford seems to be living in Never Never Land when he claims Barclay?s departure will have no impact on KiwiBuild. ?He also claims the prime minister has complete confidence in him.? Well, she may have confidence, but to an onlooker her confidence is misguided when it is estimated that only 300 of the projected 1,000 houses will be completed this July. Quote.

Signs of a poor manager are weak excuses and Twyford has these aplenty. Quote.

The minister, Phil Twyford, said the pick-up from developers had been slower than expected, in particular for the partnership to build off-the-plan homes.

National’s housing spokesperson Judith Collins said he had dropped the ball completely.

‘This is a big fail for Phil Twyford and for the government … he’s had $2 billion allocated in the Budget, he’s been in the job 18 months.

“Frankly it shows he has no hope of getting the 10,000 that he’s said he’s going to … he’s sort of stuffed really”, said Ms Collins.

She said developers have told her they were reluctant to get involved as the complicated purchase process for Kiwibuild put off potential purchasers.

“They can build almost exactly the same house, in a very similar area, even the same area, different street, they can sell them straight away but they can’t sell the KiwiBuild ones.” End of quote.

One can only ask the question: who has their finger on the pulse of the Auckland building industry ? Twyford or Collins?