Julie Anne Genter accepts full responsibility for the worst road toll in a decade

And I also have a bridge to sell you … Quote.

How utterly stupid to lay the blame for the road toll at the feet of the previous government just as you step into the role of Associate Minister of Transport. Anyone with a moment’s thought could see the potential for such a politicised statement to come back and bite you. It has. Quote.

“It’s absolutely tragic and it’s unacceptable that the previous National Government chose not to make safety a top priority in transport funding and policy. This new Government will.” End quote.

Julie Anne Genter 4 Nov 2017

The Government will look at introducing a zero road death policy by 2020 as it strives to curb the country’s “unacceptable” road toll.

Julie Anne Genter 9 Apr 2018

It will be “many decades” before New Zealand sees a substantial change in the road toll. 

Julie Anne Genter, A Newspaper, 3 Jan 2019

The country’s grim road toll statistics have been described as horrific after 2018 was confirmed as the deadliest year in a decade.

As of last night, 379 people had died on the roads during 2018 ? one more than during the previous year.

It is the worst road toll since 2009 when 384 people lost their lives.


“Quite clearly, just targeting illegal speeds has not worked. In fact, about 85 per cent of the road toll occurs below the speed limit.” End quote.

Clive Matthew-Wilson

But the fact quoted above will not stop cycling Julie Anne from dropping the speeds for us all. Why is it that ideology trumps facts every time? Get ready for an 80kph open road speed limit.

“The targets haven’t been set exactly, but we’re making the improvements to the roads and we’re building up safer speeds. I want to see this happen as soon as possible but we live in a democracy so there are certain approaches we have to take.

But the quicker we can roll out safer speeds, the sooner we will see a reduction in deaths and serious injuries.”

Julie Anne Genter, A Newspaper, 3 Jan 2019
Sign on SH2 north of Tauranga

National had committed to reducing the deaths and serious injuries on one of the most dangerous stretches of road in the country by replacing it with a four lane, median-barrier-separated highway with properly designed, motorway-style on and off ramps instead of all the current dangerous intersections. This new road, the Tauranga Northern Link, was out to tender at the time of the election, but as no one had lodged a bid, the Coalition of Losers was able to cancel the project, claiming that it “was not started.”

Land purchased, design completed, tender documents drawn up but curiously “not started”.

Our new Minister of Transport and his bicycling assistant (who maintain that NZTA operates in a “hands-off” manner) stepped in and cancelled the project along with a number of others around the country.

SH2 is now going to get some cheese-cutter wires along the sides so that if you head off the side of the road you are re-directed back into the on-coming traffic.

Don’t worry though, they are painting extra wide centre lines so that will reduce the impact immeasurably.

The Coalition of Losers stated that their intention was to “make safety a top priority” and they then immediately cancelled a safe highway being built to replace the most dangerous road in the country.

Yup, that’ll work.

Ideology is not a bad thing, except when it is spelled idiocy or possibly idiocracy.