Labor: devaluing our civic institutions, one quota at a time

Socialist economics claims to be about ‘fairness’, but in practice, instead of raising all boats, socialism invariably sends them all to the bottom. Socialist regimes never raise the proles to the same standard as the bourgeoisie; they sink everybody in a mire of poverty and misery. Everybody except the nomenklatura, that is.

The left?s obsession with ‘gender equality’ is a mirror of its economic failures: instead of equally elevating both sexes, the left tear down the best of men and reward the most mediocre of women. Not content with devaluing the calibre of its own politicians, now they?re intent on dragging down our civic honours system. Quote:

Labor will introduce gender targets into the Australia Day honours system if it wins the election.

Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek said Labor would set targets for 40 per cent female recipients of Order of Australia awards by 2020. End of quote.

Labor has a semblance of an argument when it comes to evaluating awards categories. Selection bias ? what you choose to include in the first place ? will invariably influence the outcome. Quote:

?If you have a look there are stand-alone categories, for example, for mining, for engineering, for primary industries and so on.

?But the areas where women traditionally work or volunteer are often subsumed in other categories.

?Nursing, for example, has no stand-alone category. It falls under the general category of medicine.? End of quote.

Plibersek seems to be comparing apples and oranges, though. Engineering and primary industry are quite distinct. Nursing does indeed seem to be a sub-category of medicine. The only thing distinctive about it is that is entirely dominated by women.

Why isn?t Plibersek instead tackling the shocking gender inequality in nursing? Why no quotas for men in nursing?

It’s because, like their marshmallow leader, Labor are only interested in tackling flim-flam that panders to their biases. Quote:

Labor will also monitor data to see if indigenous people and disabled people are under-represented. End of quote.


Quotas are unfair to everyone. Worthy members of the discriminated group inevitably lose out, and worthy members of the promoted group are left wondering whether they were recognised for merit, or just to fill a quota.

Having engineered the everyone-gets-a-prize generation, the left are marching on yet another of our civic institutions, intent on levelling everything to the same, grey nothingness of mediocrity. When everyone is special, as Dash Parr said in The Incredibles, no one is.