Lucky country or soft touch?

Photoshopped image credit: Lushington

It?s standard dogma for leftists that so-called ‘refugees’ travel halfway around the world, bypassing dozens of other countries, and destroying their documentation en route, because they?re ‘fleeing for their lives’. The possibility that these uneducated (up to a quarter are illiterate in their own language), unskilled grifters might simply be flocking, like ants to a sugarbowl, to seek an easy, welfare-funded life in the West, escapes them.

A Kiwi migrant to Australia has inadvertently exposed the sweet, sweet lure of free goodies that await newcomers here, all courtesy of hard-working Australians, who see over half of their tax bill go to funding welfare. Quote:

A migrant who relocated to Australia with her family in 2015 has written a gushing post on social media highlighting the numerous benefits of calling the ‘lucky country’ home?She begins by stating she is feeling blessed, before pointing out Australia’s cheap food and cheap petrol prices.

Next Samson thanks having access to rent allowance, work penalty rates and free medical. End of quote.

Among the stuff she gets free, thanks to the taxes we Australians pay, she lists:

  • $400/week Family Payment
  • Rent Allowance
  • Bond payment
  • 90% childcare rebate
  • Free medical
  • $1000pa child dental
  • Health Care Card
  • Free education
  • $35000 first home owners grant (despite owning property in NZ)
  • Parents eligible for pension (despite never having worked here) Quote:

‘I’ve been out here a few years now and it was the best move we ever made as a family,’ Ms Samson told Daily Mail Australia.

‘I’m a single mother of three and the opportunities in this country are nothing short of endless. End of quote.

Well, they sure are, when the government is forking out taxpayers? money hand over fist. If a migrant from a first-world country like New Zealand is dazzled by the cornucopia of welfare freebies she gets, straight off the plane, how much more alluring must that all be to someone scratching for a living in a third-world shithole? Quote:

‘I work fulltime to support my family, I just wanted to display my gratitude for this wonderful country we are all proud to call home.’

Ms Samson has no desire to move back across the Tasman, also stating her parents are also about to call the Glitter Strip home. End of quote.


Where they?ll get the Aged Pension, along with even more free stuff, despite never having contributed an ounce of work or taxes here.

Now, while it?s gratifying that at least one migrant is showing some gratitude to Australia, instead of just trying to blow it up, it really does make a working stiff feel like a flamin? mug. If this is what we pay out to a single mother who actually works for a living, imagine what we must be paying to ‘refugee’ families who are almost certainly going to be bludging on benefits for years? And that?s only counting the ones with just one wife.

Of course, the mush-brained ‘refugee advocates’ will wring their hands and babble about ‘risking their lives in overcrowded boats.’ Have these nongs never travelled in some of these countries? Those people take more risks on their daily commute.

When you?re used to jumping on a wallowing, overcrowded ferry just to hop across the river to visit Aunty Marjam, a short trip to Ashmore Reef and a life of taxpayer-funded luxury is a doddle. Just spin a good story to the refugee tribunal, and a lifetime of welfare luxury is yours.

Australia is a bloody mug.