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A Map of the World After Four Degrees of Warming

The map shows us one possible future, so here is my take on what else the future might hold.

The future is hot, as Donald Trump will eventually be?impeached for tweeting too many porkies. Mexico and the US will open their borders after finding that they had far too many commonalities such as genealogy, language and surnames.

The Liberals and the Greens will declare?that the earth is doomed (as they always do). Their statement will create?a variety of new business opportunities across the globe. Elon Musk and Donald Trump will join forces to form a company called “Let’s Leave”. Their mission will be to relocate earth’s residents to a new planet with two moons, one resembling a red Tesla and another a giant spliff.

Kim Jong-Un will lose his Korea in a game of Mahjong and will move to Scotland. He will become a professional gambler and win free tickets to the new earth. As a proud pioneer, he will be joined by Jacob Zuma,?Jeremy Corbyn and Vladimir Putin on the first ship out, a journey that will take a mere twenty years.

Trump will still be active in politics and will never be?seen without a red baseball cap and a McDonald’s Cheeseburger. His cap will have a new slogan: ‘Make Trump Great Again’.

Standing on a podium he will bleat: “If these four very, very good friends of mine, four incredibly good people, can make this journey and successfully build that colony, then there is hope for all of us to leave this shithole.” Musky will love his speech and clap profusely in a manner that makes the North Koreans look like amateurs.

Then the bells will ring and the massive crowds will disperse!

Two burly young guards will grab?Trump and Musky and march?them off to their cells for the night.

Because the rich and famous can arrange things even when institutionalised, Trump’s cell will be uber luxurious and completely padded, allowing him to shout and debate all night long without creating a disturbance. Musky’s cell will have an extractor fan allowing him to smoke a few naughty joints without bothering his neighbours.

If this is what the future holds after only 4 degrees of global warming I say…..bring it on!

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