Melbournians come out swinging against African gangs

Caption: Fed up with rampant African crime and police inaction, some Melbournians are taking matters into their own hands.

The media-political establishment in Victoria has been steadfastly dismissive of that state?s long-running African gang problem. The media elite have sneered at ordinary Victorians cowering in their homes from rampaging gangs and police rarely make arrests; in fact, they deny that there is any problem with African crime at all.

Seeing that the authorities are refusing to protect them, Victorians are beginning to take matters into their own hands. Quote:

A group armed with baseball bats has targeted young men of African appearance in an alarming escalation of Melbourne?s gang tensions.

Weapon-wielding caucasian youths descended on Wyndham Vale train station on Monday, looking for African-Australians who had assaulted and robbed two teens travelling home from the movies on Sunday night.

An ugly stand-off, witnessed by the Herald Sun at the station at about 2.20pm, has been described as symbolic of the current friction in the community. End of quote.


Bashing and robbing by African gangs has become a commonplace in Melbourne. Gangs have rioted at public family events and systematically attacked and robbed beachgoers at popular beaches. This vigilante action follows the most recent high-profile incident. Quote:

Xavier, 14, and Ricky, 17, were waiting for a bus home at Wyndham Vale station, in southwest Melbourne, when they were set upon by a group of up to 30 African youths?Towards the end of the attack, in which both boys are believed to have sustained minor injuries, two Protection Service Officers from the station appeared in the vicinity.

However, instead of immediately assisting, both Xavier [Ferrari] and his father allege the officers refrained from trying to stop the attack and instead called the police. End of quote.


Melbourne?s PSOs are notorious for intimidating and swarming suspected fare evaders, but when a violent crime is taking place right in front of them, they go to water.

Like the PSOs, criminal Africans are mighty tough when they?re in a gang outnumbering their victims 15-to-one; much less so when the odds are reversed. Quote:

[The vigilantes] cornered a young African man as he got off the train and began to insist he was part of the group of 20 who had assaulted and robbed their friend on Sunday.

He repeatedly denied the claims, but was surrounded on all sides, eventually calling his friends to come to his aid.

Mr Ferrari said he saw the confrontation take place.

?They recognised them straight away ? it got a little bit intense,? he said. ?They started asking him some questions ? he?s made a phone call to his mates and they?ve rocked up. I?m glad it didn?t go any further than that.? End of quote.


It?s going to go a whole lot further, the longer the police and politicians refuse to act. At which point, of course, the media will faint and screech about ?the far-right?, ?white nationalism? and that old favourite, ?racism?.

Victorians, of course, had a chance to do something about African crime at last year’s state election, but fluffed it, preferring to vote weak-kneed socialist Dan Andrews back in. Maybe now they’re finally learning from their mistake.