MSM Fail: Aussies back Fraser Anning

Senator Fraser Anning?

There?s an old lawyer?s adage that you should never ask a question unless you already know the answer. The same might be said of popular opinion polls. It?s painfully obvious that most social media and tabloid television polls aren?t really intended as dispassionate efforts to uncover what the public thinks: they?re cheap, tendentious attempts to validate an established prejudice.

So it?s hilarious when they backfire as spectacularly as Channel 9?s attempt to character assassinate Australian Senator Fraser Anning. Quote:

The official Facebook page of 9 News Gold Coast created a poll today, asking their followers if they want Senator Fraser Anning ?ousted from parliament.?

?Senator Fraser Anning has charged taxpayers for travel to-and-from three far-right protests,? the Facebook post reads. ?Do you want to see Fraser Anning ousted from parliament?? End of quote.

The established mainstream media narrative, in lockstep with their political masters, is that Senator Anning is a ‘bad person’. Ever since his maiden speech, in which he clumsily used the phrase ?final solution? ? (notwithstanding that the phrase has likewise been used in dozens of innocent contexts in parliament in recent years ) Anning has been the left-wing media’s most hated Goldstein since Pauline Hanson. When Anning attended a rally in Melbourne to protest at rampant African gang crime, the empty heads exploded.

Of course this poll had no other purpose than to virtue-signal just how right-on and ?outraged? the Nice People at Nine are. The weasel-wording gives away just what answer they wanted. quote.

Narrator: They did not get the answer they wanted.

QIn the first four hours the poll gathered more than 47k responses, with over 38k participants voting NO. That?s over 80% of the voters.

?I wonder if Channel 9 will report this tonight?? Senator Fraser Anning said on Twitter. ?At the time of writing, 35,800 votes have been counted and 83% of Australians do NOT want me removed out of parliament.? End of quote.



Not to be outdone, and obviously having learned nothing from their attempted take-down of Milo last year, Sunrise tried to gotcha Anning in a hectoring interview. Quote:

Which seems to have backfired as Anning came off cool, collected and normal against the interviewer scolding him like his disappointed mother.

A hilarious centrepiece in this phenomenon is the way outlets such as the ABC, 7 News and 9 News all converge to signal in the same direction, then run polls which end up insanely slanted in reaction against the very liberal way they portray the issue. End of quote.

As happened with Milo, not only did the subject of the attempted hit-job effortlessly turn the tables, but viewers absolutely hammered the show on its social media feed. At least this time they didn?t take down and re-post it, in an effort to nuke all the criticism. Quote:

Every so often in any Western liberal democracy, the Fourth Estate exposes just how badly it misunderstands the working class by picking a losing issue it seeks narrative control over and beating us over the head with it. End of quote.


Enjoy some more hilarious poll fails:

Anning also called for a ban on Muslim immigration. Here?s how an earlier poll on that issue panned out:

One more for laughs:

Caption: Note the date. The lefties are getting in earlier than a supermarket stocking hot cross buns.