MSM need to clean up their act

Research by Sally

Whaleoil does not have the resources that the MSM have yet we have the cleanest, best moderated commenting section in the NZ blogosphere. MSM in New Zealand almost across the board have Comment sections that are an absolute cesspool and they have made little effort to change that.

Unlike Whaleoil that sees its commenting section as very much part of the blog, requiring quality control and a respectful level of debate, the MSM doesn’t seem to see any value whatsoever in the comments on their articles. They have allowed a free for all where angels fear to tread.

Yesterday we shared with our readers the reason why our editor Cameron has not been writing since late October.

The New Zealand media within an hour of the publication of the above article had all used it to create their own, and the comment sections on their articles and on other blogs soon ran hot.

Here are some comments from the Stuff and nonsense Facebook page to give you an idea of the kind of comments that are tolerated by New Zealand’s media.

Comments on Stuff’s FB page

Newshub and ‘A newspaper’ weren’t much better.

Comments on Newshub’s article
Comments on NZ Herald article
Comment on NZ Herald FB page
Comment on NZ Herald FB page

Comments like these would never be allowed in our own comment section because we don’t allow ‘nasty, negative stuff’; we expect respectful debate from our commenters.

Twitter, of course, was the cesspool it usually is. The following comments were made in reply to journalist Bryce Edwards when he tweeted a link to our article about Cam suffering from a severe stroke.

Death wish on Twitter from Aden Shillito
Tweets on Twitter

Ill wishes were not constrained to media and blog Comment sections. Cam was directly sent some nasty e-mails, and a couple of vicious comments were removed by our moderation team yesterday.

An example of a comment removed by our moderation team.

One e-mail from [email protected] read quote.


Another from [email protected] said quote.

Double stroke eh tubby. Swings and round-a-bouts. Karma is so sweet sometimes. end quote.

It seems that the left has not taken Jacinda’s call for kindness to heart, and neither has former journalist Erin Kennedy, who commented on the Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook page.

Comment on Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook page

A quick scan of the photos on Ms Kennedy’s facebook page reveal her as a chunky person herself. Her heartless comment is very much a case of pot, kettle, black.

Comment on Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook page

Former NZ Herald editor Gavin Ellis rounded off the nasty comments on the Kiwi Journalists Association Facebook page by accusing us of posting the article as clickbait. This is actually quite funny considering that one of yesterday’s breaking news banners on the NZ Herald was the headline, “Are you smarter than your mates? Prove it by taking the Herald quiz.”

Former NZ Herald editor Gavin Ellis

Thank you everyone for all your good wishes and kind, supportive comments, e-mails and messages. Cam really appreciates each and every one, as do I, and they help to keep us both strong. We are only human, and your positivity and support help us to weather the storm.