@MikaGlue reports my article for racism after it was posted on Twitter

If you ever wondered just how nutty some New Zealand feminists are, wonder no more. A member (or strong supporter) of the Speak Up For Women group is trying to deplatform me from Twitter for the crime of tweeting a Whaleoil article that I wrote yesterday.

According to her, the article that was written by a woman of colour (myself) is racist. She calls herself MikaGlue. I wonder if she has been sniffing some? Apparently I am not one of the women that she stands up for, because I have the wrong opinions.

She was joined by two others who also see the world and political satire through a racist lens, seeing racism everywhere they look.

The last one by Tracy really pulls my chain. Her bias is obvious as she dismisses a foul-mouthed slur and a desire to exclude women with the wrong opinions as merely “inappropriate” but calls my article a “racist slur” for highlighting what occurred with a satirical image.

Read my article for yourself and tell me if it is racist. I suspect that to the mind of this woman and other identity politics feminists any criticism or satirical photoshop of a person with non-white skin would be deemed to be racist.

I bet you ten dollars that she is a Pakeha who thinks it is her duty to stand up for left-wing brown women because of her racism of lower expectations that makes her think that they are incapable of standing up for themselves.

Amazingly the woman she is defending is none other than Louisa Wall the foul-mouthed Labour MP who called this woman and all members of her group “Fucking TERFS” and who wanted them excluded from a march.