Myth busting ‘A newspaper’

In an article yesterday a reporter for ‘A newspaper’ attempted to spread a myth about Whaleoil. It is a myth that has been peddled by a number of people in the blogosphere in an effort to discredit Whaleoil and undermine its influence as New Zealand’s number one new media/blog site. 

Unsurprisingly ‘A newspaper’ has chosen to print unsubstantiated rumour and gossip as fact while totally ignoring the statistical hard evidence that we supplied only a week ago.

[…] However, the blog’s political influence appears to have waned since the Dirty Politics revelations diminished the site’s attraction as a dumping ground for political smears.

A newspaper

Exhibit A

Wishing cannot make a thing so. Whaleoil’s growth and influence continue unabated no matter what myths the MSM continue to peddle.

Expect an article from them soon, trying to disparage the accuracy of Alexa. Alexa is owned by Amazon, who invested in it because they wanted accurate statistics for their book (and other) sales. Good luck with that approach.