Nationalism is on the rise

Nationalism is on the rise. Brexit, Trump, and the election of populist politicians in Europe are dealing a blow to the idea of ?Imperialism? propagated by the globalist United Nations and the totalitarian European Union.

A pragmatic case can be made that nations suffer politically and fiscally from excessively introverted policies; too wrapped up in their own perceived interests to the exclusion of the rest of the world. ‘Globalism’ though, would never have achieved its current strength if nations had continued to mind their own affairs whilst taking heed of the historical perils of Socialist Imperialism. Originally the EU was a trade pact and the United Nations was established to ensure peace but, over the decades, both have transitioned into Imperialist regimes.

Since the invention of the state, the history of mankind has encompassed two competing principles of political order:

  1. Nationalism: the principle that the world is naturally divided up among a multiplicity of self-governing nations
  2. Imperialism: the principle of bringing peace and prosperity by uniting mankind under a single political regime.

The rise of globalism among Western elites in recent decades should be understood not as the emergence of a new and more enlightened principle of political order, but as the?re-emergence?of something ancient: the ideology of an imperial non-elected elite ruling class. This elite perceives a threat to the unity of ?the empire? from any strong individual nation and from movements like Brexit, Trump?s America first and, closer to home, the promotion of NZ nationhood as promised to the electorate by NZ First.

Nationalism is supported by a positive argument – a political philosophy that enables a country to be culturally and historically self-determining.

The foundations of nationalism are family, community, loyalty, a shared heritage and religion and an entrenched system of democratic government ?for the people and by the people; all of which are today being eroded by socialist imperialism worldwide.

Of course, the far-left decry nationalism by identifying Hitler as a far-right nationalist. If that were true, Hitler would not have invaded other countries and committed genocide of the Jews. Hitler was in fact a socialist imperialist. Hitler used economic stimulus, nationalism and racial pride to prime the people to invade other nations to spread the NAZI (National Socialist German Workers’ Party) regime.

The nationalist state system has the dual advantage of restraining the imperialist impulse for expansion, whilst providing the state with a concrete foundation for social solidarity and mutual trust. This should include an understanding between the elected politicians and the people through a sense of shared ?communal identity?.

Historically the nationalist state has been the only political entity with sufficient size, cohesion and with sufficient funds from capitalism to generate the military prowess to consistently resist imperial aggression.

The EU and UN imperialist empires are riddled with flaws. Their leaders often exhibit contempt or indifference towards the populace with whom they have nothing in common. They often resort to despotism, economic trade sanctions and fiscal manipulation to ensure obedience. These empires seek not only to expand indefinitely but also to ruthlessly obliterate local cultures in the name of their imperialist ?faith?. Unfortunately, some of the political elite in western nations are complicit with the imperialist global agenda, including the Coalition of Losers.

Most of what was evil in recent 20th century history resulted from imperialism, sometimes manifested as territorial expansionism.?For example, consider the unjust criticisms of the sovereign nation of Israel by the European Union and UN. These criticisms stem from the imperialist character of globalist institutions, who believe that they can make the rules for the entire world and consequently may delegitimise or culturally eradicate any nation that resists them.

My message to the Coalition of Losers, particularly to New Zealand First, is that New Zealand should not allow even a whisker of our freedom to be signed over to these foreign imperialist bodies under the guise of a currently ?non-binding pact?. Otherwise, our future will be one of subservience to a dictatorial body, being swamped by culturally incompatible immigrants and leading ultimately to anarchy.

Socialist Imperialism is a failure.