Never go full retard

I love the small of freshly baked irony in the morning. The twitterati have gone full retard over the fact that plastic is used to hygienically merchandise bakery items in supermarkets.

This simply follows the fact that the supermarkets went full retard with their virtue signalling ban-the-bag campaign which actually was a cynically disguised ban-the-free-bag campaign.

Fed by a manufactured crisis [see page 35 onward here] generated by Greenpeace’s money-grabbing anti-plastic onslaught, the unwitting public have bought into this wholesale.

The supermarkets, who depend on plastic (in some instances, over depend) for the hygienic and convenient sale of many items really did not think through their virtue signalling to its logical conclusion and now that is beginning to bite them. Quote.

With plastic bags gone from most supermarkets and banned from the middle of the year, consumer attention is increasingly turning to plastic food wrappings and containers.

A Twitter storm blew up over the weekend after Thom Adams tweeted a picture of plastic wrapped bakery items inside a cabinet at a Porirua New World.

Adams said it was ironic that New World had removed plastic bags when so much of one of its bakeries was individually wrapped or encased in plastic.

Individually wrapped onions at a Wellington Pak ‘n Save last month also raised the ire of social media users.

The supermarket has since told Adams that it was having a problem with fruit fly in the humid weather, but the tweet struck a nerve with other users as they vented on the difficulties of being green and still buying their daily bread or vegetables.

Some talked about using paper mushroom bags as alternatives to the plastic bags offered, or taking products out of the packaging and leaving it behind as a protest.

They also described the annoyance of checkout operators and people queuing behind them when they put single fruit and vegetables through the checkout. […] End quote.

Stuff and Nonsense

The article then dived off into a discussion about a petition to ban shrink wrapping cucumbers; which has to be prime definition of a ‘first-world problem’ and wittered on for a few more column inches.

But the comment section is priceless. Talk about full retard! Quote.

Really pissed today – went to both New World and Countdown, both sanctimoniously having done away with “single use” plastic bags but both stores having a huge display at their entrance of plastic water bottles, wrapped in plastic! I could scream with rage and frustration.
End quote.

B Roberts

How about screaming with rage and frustration when the price jumps dramatically after the suppliers switch back to glass bottles and wooden crates to deliver the stock. Freight costs rise with more weight and more space to ship the same product. Quote.

What a turkey.What do you plan to do to get rid of plastic,everytime you go to the supermarket. Hey maybe youll [sic] enjoy eating supermarket fish that has plastic in its flesh???
Everyone has to join in to bring change.
Disruptive is good..leave plastic in the supermarket.
Cut off the bar code put the goods in your own bag or box. Leave the plastic in the isles [sic] for the corporate duopolies to sort out.
Next go to the checkout, scan the barcode and wait till the whole place jams up while management sorts out
your account to pay.

Bruce James

That will be fun to watch when you buy your milk and other drinks, your cornflakes and rice, your frozen peas and your ice-cream. Quote.

Asked Pizza hut to please put my pizza on a plate I took into their shop. Manager was called and told me that it couldn’t be done. After much discussion he relented but others who came after received their pizza’s [sic] before I did so I guess in a way we both had a victory. End quote.


NEVER, never go full retard! I trust you walked both ways, GZT?