New Conservative: Weak justice is no justice

Molester of an elderly woman sentenced to a “comfortable” 8 months home detention.

Elliot Ikilei, the Deputy Leader of the New Conservative party believes that recent sentences for violent crime are denying victims justice.

Our Justice system is looking more and more predator friendly, and the insipid measures by the current government underline this perverting of justice

Recent court decisions, he says, illustrate the weakness of the justice system.

There was the case of the 82-year-old lady who was sexually molested inside her rest home by a man who overpowered her. Last Friday her attacker received a “comfortable” 8 months’ home detention.

Last year, another sexual predator was sentenced. He groomed a 12-year-old child. His predatory behaviour included having the child perform sexual acts upon him, including oral sex. Weeks before being sentenced, he mocked the victim and victim?s family. He received 11 months’ home detention and a ‘programme’.

A third example was an abuser who beat his 9-month-old baby son so brutally that he was hospitalised with fractures to cheekbones and a ripped bottom lip and tongue.?The baby’s eyes were so swollen he could barely open them. The abuser also gave his girlfriend a beating using a weapon and kicked her on the ground before demanding that she feed their brutalised baby son.

He received only 9 months home detention and community service. The abuser celebrated his weak sentence by popping off to the pub and posting a selfie on FB for beating prison time. It read…

Last day at court sweet. Now I can live my life.

end quote

Ikilei asks why home detention is even being considered. He wonders if it is because of Labour?s push to lower prison numbers. quote.

New Conservative will encourage Restorative Justice while removing discounted sentencing, get rid of ?serve concurrently? and engage in our 3 stage sentencing,”

We will also fight for increases to maximum sentences for crimes including sexual and violent crime. Protect the innocent, punish the guilty, and only then will we stop the state insulting/traumatising the victims in our community.

Elliot Ikilei end quote.