New faces for New Conservative

David Moffett

If you are on Twitter you may already know who this face is. He has been tweeting up a storm and has been hammering the Coalition of Losers hard, unafraid to say what our MSM would describe as controversial things.

David Moffett along with Casey Costello are two new faces that have joined the New Conservative board. The press release announcing them says that the New Conservative party will be a serious contender in the 2020 election and that Moffett and Costello are adding specific skills that are necessary to take the party forward.

The 2020 General Election is likely to be the most crucial election in NZ politics for the past
30 years.

Conservative Board Chairman, Simon Gutschlag
Casey Costello

Former Police officer Costello was recently recognised for her involvement with Hobson?s Pledge as co-spokesperson with Don Brash.
According to the press release she has been active in advocating for equal opportunity and rights before the law.

We need to protect the equality of opportunity that
encourages individuals to thrive while providing support for our most vulnerable.

Casey Costello

In her role with Hobson?s Pledge Casey stood for democracy and equality of rights before the law on the basis that separatism can never be a solution in a progressive nation.

David Moffett has worked in high pressure, combative and high profile positions in both New Zealand and overseas.

I was attracted to NC because of their beliefs. In particular I fully support the belief that it is the responsibility of individuals to provide for themselves, their families and their dependents, while recognizing that government must respond to those who require
assistance and compassion.

David Moffett

David believes that there is a need for a viable and strong organisation that reflects the wishes of the majority of Kiwis that spurn far left and far right politics.

We have strong leadership with sage wisdom and common sense of Leighton Baker at the helm, the growing profile of Elliot Ikilei from the front lines of working with troubled youth and with the dedication of the board we are achieving growing success in profile and membership.

Simon Gutschlag, Board Chair, New Conservative