New Year, same Kiwibuild fiasco

Phil Twyford Photoshopped image Credit: Pixy

Mike Hosking is back… and already he is having a go at Kiwibuild. It is almost as if the Christmas holidays never happened… welcome to 2019. quote.

In a “did we really go on holiday or did the same weird stuff keep on happening this whole time” kind of way, we have the resignation Friday of Stephen Barclay who until he quit, was the boss of KiwiBuild.
Well “boss”, Phil Twyford is, of course, the ultimate boss of this calamitous exercise in construction futility. But Barclay apparently, until Friday, ran things operationally.

Although we don’t even know that, given no one is fronting in terms of just what has gone wrong. It was an “operational matter” until it became an “employment matter”. They could, of course, potentially be the same thing, who would know. end quote.

Steven Barclay has not been at his desk for some time. The whole thing is a cover up of epic proportions, but one thing is clear – all is not well at Kiwibuild HQ. quote.

What it is though, is yet another cock-up in a long line of cock-ups that’s plagued this grandiose farce since day one.
Barclay allegedly hadn’t been at work for months, no one confirms or denies any of that either.
And this is what they do when they know full well it’s a mess, they duck for cover.

In the most open honest and transparent Government we have ever seen, just where are the relevant operators to shed light on exactly what’s happened to Barclay and presumably a shed-load of taxpayers’ money, our money?

Good question. There are a lot of questions to answer here, but nobody is fronting up. Do you not think it is a disgrace that, on January 22nd, we still have a ‘duty MP’ in charge of answering questions about government matters? These guys can take off on holiday for a month while we pay them a small fortune?

One of two things happened, either he didn’t like it, didn’t want it, and couldn’t bail fast enough. Or he wasn’t liked, wasn’t competent, didn’t do the job, and they wanted him out.

No one leaves this sort of job under this sort of cloak and dagger arrangement if things have gone well, KPIs have been met, and goodwill abounds.
This is quite obviously a mess. end quote.

Governments should never get involved in private housing. That should be left to the market place. Having said that, the previous government had started the ball rolling on this, and the evidence is quite plain, if you look at places such as Pukekohe and Silverdale. The current government, instead of shouting from rooftops about a housing crisis, should have done a little bit of homework, and seen how much development had already commenced. Instead, they have made themselves look like a bunch of incompetent fools. quote.

And it’s a mess that is now top of the pile of the rest of the mess that is KiwiBuild, the homes that aren’t built, the homes that don’t sell, the tenders that don’t attract bidders, the prices that are too high, the locations that don’t parent right, the sizes that don’t suit.
It’s all promises that don’t come within a million miles of adding up.
New Year, same old cock-up.

A Newspaper end quote.

I love Mike Hosking. He always tells it like it is, and he’s got this one right. Kiwibuild is a total farce, and if it weren’t for the fact that billions of dollars of taxpayer’s money has gone into it, it would be funny. As it is though, I’m not laughing. How about you?