New Zealand isn’t sending their best

Caption: A fine, upstanding New Zealander.

I grew up in suburb with a substantial presence of British migrants. One British friend liked to endlessly jibe us about ?convicts? ? until his family history turned up the skeleton of an ancestor who had been transported, but returned to Britain after his sentence had been served. People in glass houses, as the saying goes.

But Britain wasn?t the only place that tried to palm off their undesirables on Australia. Just over one hundred New Zealanders ? settlers and Maori alike ? were transported to Australia in the mid-19th century.

New Zealand is still at it. Quote:

Killers, paedophiles and bikie bosses were among 800 foreign citizens deported from Australia last year, new figures reveal.

The criminals had their visas cancelled under tougher laws brought in by Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton in 2014. End of quote.

Trump famously said, ?When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best”. Dutton might say the same of New Zealand. Quote:

Among the high-profile deportations was a violent Bandido ringleader who helped instigate the infamous Broadbeach Bikie Brawl.

Jim David Thacker, a 28-year-old New Zealander, was believed to be the founding president of the gang’s powerful Beenleigh chapter.

Thacker was involved in the Broadbeach brawl, where 60 Bandidos turned the beach into a war zone in September 2013.

He was given 150 hours of community service for his involvement and pleaded guilty to riot.

Bikie Aaron ‘AJ’ Graham, the founder of the Rebel’s Tasmania chapter, was similarly deported to his native New Zealand.

In 2009, Graham was convicted of attacking a 19-year-old insurance fraud investigator, punching and kicking him repeatedly before poking his eye with an aerial. End of quote.

Perhaps now they?re home in New Zealand they?ll turn their criminal talents to something really hardcore, like avocado rustling? Quote:

Also booted out to New Zealand was Daniel Maxwell, 22, who admitted to assault and affray over the death of Cole Miller, 18, who was killed in a one-punch attack.

Mr Miller, 18, died after Maxwell challenged him to a fight while he walked through a mall with a friend to catch a taxi on January 3, 2016.

Maxwell had told his friends ‘do you want to see something funny?’ before walking up to the teenager and punched him in the chest without provocation.

Armstrong Renata, 22, then entered the fray and punched the teenager once in the back of the head, causing him to fall and hit his head on the pavement. End of quote.

At the the rate this is going, the Manly welfare office will have to close up shop.

But if it wasn?t bad enough that we?re copping New Zealand?s bikie brawlers, we also get their nutjob God-botherers. Quote:

New Zealand pastor Logan Robertson was also deported after his visa was cancelled when he was charged with public nuisance. End of quote.


No wonder Jacinda is so keen on the Global Migration Pact: she?s desperate to keep New Zealand?s underworld railroad to Australia open.