Now there’s an imaginary “ethnic pay gap”

Caption: The Met’s minority recruits face their first day on the job.

Not content with having made a fictitious ‘gender pay gap’ one of their great modern crusades, the intersectional ninnies of the left are plumbing the depths of dumbassity even further by trying to claim that there is an ‘ethnicity pay gap’.

But this moral panic is just as uninformed and deceitful as its sister. Quote:

The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has pledged to take action after a pioneering pay audit found that the city?s black and minority ethnic public employees were paid anything up to 37% less on average than their white counterparts, with an especially severe difference in the police.

The ethnicity earnings audit covered all organisations in the Greater London authority group, which covers the mayoralty and City Hall, Transport for London (TfL), the city?s police and fire services and various development corporations.

The ethnicity audit found that the pay gap was ?particularly stark? at the Met police, the Greater London authority and the two development corporations. End of quote.

Little Sadiq can?t bring himself to be bothered much about rampant violent crime, terrorist attacks, or the fact that so many of his pals inexplicably seem to be tied to Islamic terrorism, but he?s having conniptions about a fake problem. Quote:

Khan said: ?I am deeply troubled that members of the black, Asian and minority ethnic community who work at these organisations earn on average less than their white counterparts, and I am determined to confront this inequality.? End of quote.

But the basic falsehood of this claim quickly runs into a few problems of basic logic. For starters, pay rates are set by the role, and experience. There?s no ‘White Man Bonus’, or ‘Sambo Penalty’. No one is being put on a lower pay scale because of their race, just as no one is set a lower scale because of their gender.

Just like the fictitious ‘gender pay gap’, what is really going on is some deceitful fudging by whingeing leftists. Quote:

Scotland Yard said in a statement: ?The report makes it very clear that the pay of police officers and staff in the Met is determined by role, with no reference to ethnicity. Individuals of different ethnic backgrounds who undertake the same role, have the same length of service and work the same hours, receive the same pay.

?However, a gap emerges when the average pay of BME officers and staff in the Met is compared to the average pay of their white colleagues due to a number of factors including; less length of service for BME officers and staff; fewer BME officers and staff in higher-paid roles; and historical allowances such as rent and housing allowance that some colleagues with longer service still receive. End of quote.


What is actually happening, then, is that the Met has gone all out to recruit new police from minority groups, with some success. As a result, the junior ranks are heavily weighted with inexperienced minorities. Police have their pay scales set by rank and experience. So naturally the greater mass of minority officers, currently clustered at the bottom of rank and experience, will be paid less ? just like their white colleagues at the same level.

Over time, as minority officers gain experience and move up the ranks, their pay will increase accordingly. This non-problem will fix itself.

But in the meantime, power-hungry leftists will use their latest made-up moral panic to increase their Orwellian overwatch, via…quote.

?unconscious bias training and a new diversity and inclusion management board?.

  the guardian end quote

Of course they will.