Now they are coming for your steak!

Steak being cut

A Global study into healthy eating has called for a drastic reduction in red meat. It has been backed by a “Kiwi expert.” However there are two sides to every argument and there are experts who disagree with this “Kiwi expert”

What the Kiwi expert might look like.

First up the argument against meat:

[…] The so-called Planetary Diet, […] says big changes to the way we eat could save millions of lives each year.

[…] The report urges people to eat just 14g of meat a day, which amounts to one hamburger?s worth of meat each week.

[…] “Our economy depends on it but it?s the biggest health problem we have, it?s our biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions, it?s a huge cause of health inequalities,”
“Food is absolutely central to this country and if we don?t get that right then that?s problems for our health and our planet.

Meat Industry Association chief executive Tim Ritchie told 1 NEWS the meat industry is worth more than $8 billion to the country?s economy, but said it also has a reach beyond the money it provides.
“We also employ around 25,000 people in the processing sector,” he told 1 NEWS.


So to sum up, the argument against meat eating from this ” Kiwi expert” includes zero statistics or evidence that eating meat kills, causes disease or reduces life expectancy. Instead, we are told that it is bad for the planet because of “greenhouse gas emissions.” When the expert refers to “saving millions of lives” it is unclear as to whether or not he is referencing the effects of Climate change due to global warming or direct deaths caused by eating meat.

For another perspective watch the videos below.

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Not only is it good for your health but you will be contributing to the New Zealand economy and will be supporting New Zealand’s meat industry as well as helping employ all the burly, manly men who prepare and pack our meat.

If the world ends and your last meal was a tofu sausage you’ll be real pissed off.
Party like there is no tomorrow. Eat delicious meat or not? I don’t care? I’m eating tasty steak

Cameron Slater