NZ Sovereignty: Mission statement & more

Mission Statement:

NZ Sovereignty is a peaceful movement defending civil liberty, freedom of speech, the right of assembly, the right to safety and New Zealand?s sovereignty.

We the European, Maori and all peoples of New Zealand, unite together under the New Zealand Sovereignty banner which fundamentally holds that decisions on immigration policies must always be made by New Zealanders and New Zealanders alone.

Our nation will decide how best to control our borders and who will be allowed to enter our country. A global framework to manage migration to our borders, set by international organisations that will determine New Zealand?s domestic immigration policy, is simply not in the best interests of all New Zealanders.

We affirm Western values and the promotion of Judeo-Christian ethics as the pillars that allow for our nation’s stability, social democracy, freedom and individual prosperity.

We also acknowledge Maori culture as a significant part of New Zealand’s heritage. We take issue with any ideology, religion or culture which seeks to take away the freedoms that we as New Zealanders have enjoyed, whether from an outside organisation such as the UN, or from any culture in New Zealand which does not respect the rule of New Zealand law.

We affirm the individual rights and freedoms of ALL New Zealand citizens of every creed and race. God defend New Zealand.

If you are in the group of 95% of NZers who didn?t hear about the Pact, or don’t know what it is, this is not your fault. It was under-reported by the MSM and not publicly debated by politicians.

A Binding Citizens’ Referendum (hello? this would be a democracy) on this should have been called back in March when the Coalition signed the first of a series of documents pertaining to the Migration Pact.

Past rallies and current structure as of 16/1/2019

We have had a presence at Aotea Square, Auckland, since the very first Molyneux/Southern debacle in August 2018. Previous rallies can be viewed on the wonderful rightsideupmedianz Facebook page. (Thank you Aleisha!).

Once Winston Peters?s announcement was made, that we had signed the UN Global Migration Pact, we knew we had to act fast to awaken New Zealanders to what was happening. With the Christmas shutdown, we did not have time to establish an Incorporated Society with 15 trusted board members. Therefore, it was decided that a non profit social enterprise would be formed to cover the next 2 months of rallies and events.

Our time is donated free of charge, and there are dozens of people around New Zealand now donating their advice, skill and talent to the cause. Nearly $5k has been spent from the personal funds of the organisers, and merchandise sales will not come even close to half of this at the rallies on 02 February.

Why would someone spend money on this? Because this Trojan Horse is an existential threat to New Zealand.

the greatest threat to New Zealand?s safety and security since WWII.

Concerned ant

There will be some pleasant surprises at the Auckland rally with merchandise to encourage unity, strengthen our brand, and also eventually self-fund nationwide non-partisan campaigns. We will not have time to arm all the rallies with merchandise but in time this will come. The artwork has all been donated by our supporters.

What brands does New Zealand Sovereignty cover?

Yellow Vests NZ is a protected name under New Zealand Sovereignty but we decided not to use this name because of the leftist socialist flavour that is creeping in overseas (this has been purposely done by powerful organisations who want to taint the movement’s rep). At the rallies, we encourage people to BYO New Zealand Flag ($2 shops) and a yellow vest.

Will we align with other groups such as Yellow Vest/s, Maori groups, other cultural groups, war vets etc?

Most definitely, as long as our values and mission statements align. We have a nil tolerance for any form of violence or racism. (There is a difference between criticising ideologies as opposed to ethnicities). For example, Islam is a political ideology and religion, not a race. Socialism & cultural marxism are political ideologies, not a race.

Who are the organisers/ founders?

For security we cannot post our team’s identities here as sadly there are those who would seek to discredit us; however, after the bigger rallies coming up on 02 Feb in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and more…and as the team grows, our individual presence will become more and more open in the ‘real world’. It is expected that media will be reporting on all of the rallies scheduled for 02 Feb at 4pm.

Certainly this will be the case on and rightsideupmedianz (who have integrity and a commitment to reporting the facts. It is predictable that MSM (mainstream media) will not report these nationwide protests, as typically they seem to be censored. For example, did you know we signed the Migration Pact? No? Why not? Fake news and under-reporting!

Future structure:

By the end of March 2019, a non-profit incorporated society, ?The Conservative Association for Beneficial Social Impact?, will be set up with 15 board members (non-partisan). Political party members will be permitted, but only the various parties are evenly represented.

Do we favour National, New Conservatives, ACT, One New Zealand over Labour/Greens/NZFirst?

Currently, yes. This is because of the rapid slide into socialism/globalism/cultural Marxism and in particular the signing of the Pact and the erosion and attack on free speech.

In the future, a National/small party coalition may be in power. If they fail to uphold democracy and the freedoms that our ANZACS fought for, we will also fight them tooth and nail and hold them to account. We are non-partisan.

Skills for the board members:

Professional, police vetted, ID proven, associates checked and references sighted. Must be contributing members in time, skill or sponsors.

Treasurer to be appointed. All accounts submitted and signed off by our Chartered Accountant.


Nationwide groups which are self-directed with co-leaders, but linked with one another for full impact when staging nationwide actions. Groups aligning with mission statement; values are important. Imagine – nationwide letterbox drops with the FACTS that you are not hearing on radio or tv channels in NZ. And we can do this at a pittance of a cost with your feet, one street at a time across New Zealand.

Sign on to [email protected]

Our Ultimate goal:

To overturn the signing of the UN Pact and to #ProtectNZBorders, promote free speech and hold government/s to account if they are not upholding the democratic process.