OK, Rachel: we enjoy dialogue, welcome aboard

Rachel Stewart says we better get talking and listening to each other – and fast. Photo / Mark Mitchell

Rachel Stewart has staked out the high-ground for 2019 as the voice of reason, balance, intelligent free speech, open dialogue and listening to one another. Quote.

It’s 2019, and I am rebranding as the only columnist any rational person will ever want.

Yes, that’s right. In a world short on time and long on empty words, no more will you feel the need to read your regular partisan hack, who is rabbiting their reckonings with about as much relevance as Kodak.

Why? Because I will be the greatest revolutionary. The supreme radical. The most rebellious. To achieve this, in the age of extreme political polarisation, I only have to do one thing – but do it well. Be the voice of reason. […]

End quote.

She has ‘earned’ that right; she says so. Quote.

And because the far-left tends to despise me as much as the far-right, I feel uniquely placed to be that voice of reason. I’ve earned it. I’ve given blood. I’ve suffered. I’ve consistently been an equal-opportunity commentator, unconstrained by petty political party affiliations. […]

Which is where the importance of free speech comes in. The preference right now is to ban anyone or anything that threatens one’s trigger points. It is a dangerous road. Bumpy, rutted, potholed – and ultimately leading over a cliff. To silence anything that may potentially make you feel ‘unsafe’ is to have missed Growing Up Lesson 101: The World Is Not Safe.

To deny that reality is to believe that you are the centre of the universe. In other words, a narcissist. To cure this malady, a clue lies in trying to see things from other people’s perspective. It means engaging willingly in conversations that may test us, upset us, or teach us. It means welcoming dialogue and conversation that are entered into in good faith. End quote.

We here at Whaleoil also welcome dialogue and conversation and enter into such with good faith, as personal attacks and other gutter-snipe comments are not acceptable. Quote.

[…] Without the willingness to enter into good faith discourse, we are perfectly set up to experience what we are seeing right now. A divided world on the brink of catastrophe. For instance, the political intersection around what constitutes climate change actions – let alone, solutions – will soon become so large that even big rigs will start doing regular burnouts on it.

And if you accept, as I do, that climate change (and all of the fresh hell it will bring with it) is the single biggest challenge facing human civilisation today, then we better get talking and listening to each other, and fast. Everything else is just a distraction.

So, as nothing is rarer these days than applying reason to our conversations, it’s safe to say, it’s the new extremism. I am officially declaring myself an extremist. If I make you feel “unsafe” for pushing free speech and open dialogue, then don’t read me. Easy.

But if these things are important to you, and you’re as intelligent and rational as I clearly am, in 2019, I’m your gal! End quote.

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Excellent, great to hear.

Welcome aboard Whaleoil, Rachel.

We look forward to your guest columns here debating the facts about ‘climate change’; where you set out your position as ‘the voice of reason’ and then defend that to the commenters with rational and intelligent free speech and dialogue. After all, as you say, we need to listen to each other.

Challenge accepted?