One man’s poisoned pen is another man’s ‘good’ journalism

If you were labouring under the delusion that David Fisher was alone in his sentiments towards our Editor then you would be wrong. What we here at Whaleoil saw as a poisoned pen piece, complete with a link to the suicide hotline for good measure, some members of the Kiwi Journalist Association on Facebook saw as a good piece of journalism. 

Yes, I’m serious.

Andrew Bonallack shared a link to David Fisher’s article in A newspaper and the following comments were made by journalists on the  Facebook page in response to it.

A most interesting read.

Helen Denize

And a counter:

Regan Cunliffe

I concur with David?s sentiments and wish Slater well. However, the way in which the appeal for money (at the end of the blog revealing his strokes) was written was rather tawdry.

Gavin Ellis

He’s a bigger man than I am. Difficult topic

Edwin de Ronde 

I don?t think any of us would wish that upon him. There are many things that might be wished upon him but not that.

Gavin Ellis

 Well d’uh. Are there people you WOULD wish it on?

Russell Hill


Gavin Ellis

 That was a well-written article.

Mawera Karetai

 Thanks, David. That was refreshing.

Arthur Barnes?

I can’t think of anyone I would genuinely wish ill health on, but if the stroke silences his malicious poisonous pen for a while then good. He’s caused genuine harm to people who in no way deserved it.

Hugh Barlow

David does a good job. I hope he gets well paid. I hope there are lots of up and comers who want to do good journalism too. (And that they get the chance.)

Russell Hill