Open letter to David Fisher

To David Fisher,
I am taking the liberty, on behalf of all Whale Oilers, to reply on Whaleoil to the article written by you in A newspaper. This reply is directed to you and the newspaper that was so ignorant of journalistic standards that they allowed it to be published.

Well, Mr Fisher, let?s pick your piece of garbage apart, shall we? Broadly speaking, it is nothing but an attempt to kick a person when they?re down; a typical strategy of the Left. It is dripping in hypocrisy, something the Left specialises in. The bulk of your article makes a complete mockery of your supposed concern.

You mention that there has been an enthusiastic rubbing of hands, cracking of knuckles and nastiness at the keyboard. You?d know all about that, wouldn?t you David, something you and your ilk on the Left do on a daily basis.

You say he wrote around 200 blog posts attacking you. Why do you think he did that David? I know from your writings you?re not the most intelligent person on this earth, but the answer is very obvious to all Whale Oilers. 

You say you take no pleasure from his predicament. YOU’RE A LIAR DAVID, yet another speciality of the Left, a prime example being the PM.
You say his fall is so great it?s a tragedy. If you care to look in the mirror, David, you?ll find tragedy personified.

You make the point he started with just a keyboard and something to say. At least what he had to say was worth reading as opposed to your insincere diatribe, vitriol and fake sympathy.

According to you, post the 2011 election Cameron turned, beginning a series of inaccurate, seemingly invented, yet always interesting and nasty blog posts. David, in all seriousness, are you writing about Cameron or yourself – minus the interesting of course.

You say the Blog provided a cheap thrill for many. Allow me to educate you David. Those of us who are Whale Oilers subscribe so as to have the ability to access articles from which intelligent conversation can flow. It has absolutely nothing to do with a cheap thrill. 

You mention numbers to his blog site collapsed as did those commenting on it. David, I think you might be a little confused. You?re writing about Whale Oil, not the Daily Blog.

You write in a tone of envy when mentioning Cameron?s access to those in power. ENVY, another trademark of the Left.

You commented that his private views became public and caused revulsion. David, here are some examples of what causes public revulsion: yourself, Hager and a drug dealer and wife beater being offered residency. That sort of thing, but no doubt you are very comfortable with all of that.

Then you say, dripping with sarcasm, as most of your disgusting article is, that the world is a kinder place without Cameron blogging. YOUR?E A BLOODY HYPOCRITE DAVID. The world will be a much nicer and kinder place the day you take a hike.

You commented about journalists who should have cared sooner. SPARE ME, DAVID. YOU ARE ONE SICKO!

You then have the audacity to say, “I learned of the strokes in November. It didn?t seem news to me…” Please, David, do you really think or believe we would fall for that pathetic falsehood.
I could go on but space does not permit.

However, David, should you read this [SB: Oh he’ll be reading it alright], there are a few questions we Whale Oilers would like answers to, and you are just the person to answer them.

  • Why are those on the Left so full of vitriol and hate?
  • What is it with the Left that they always feel the propensity to lie?
  • Why are the Left always so keen to play the envy and race cards?
  • In short, why are the Left such a miserable lot?

In conclusion David, your article was despicable and you jolly well know it. If your writing is an an example of current journalistic standards, then journalism has sunk to unimaginably low levels. The newspaper you write for is equally culpable for printing articles which bring the profession into disrepute.

John Chapman (ex media)