Open letter to West Coast Regional Council

Dear Andrew,

The Climate Conversation Group admires your council’s decision?which has gained widespread attention?not to support the Zero Carbon Bill until the science of the underlying theory of man-made global warming has been clearly explained and properly proven.

To support this decision and to strengthen your resolve, we write to let you know:

  1. The CCG has been asking for evidence of dangerous man-made warming (DAGW) for many years without success.
  2. Two weeks ago we asked the IPCC Secretariat itself for this evidence; they have none.
  3. We wrote last year to the Royal Society in London for this evidence; they had none.
  4. We asked the Royal Society of New Zealand a few months ago for this evidence; they had none.
  5. In December 2017 I asked the Minister for Climate Change, the Hon James Shaw, for this evidence; he had none (which means the Ministry for the Environment has none).
  6. We have asked numerous scientists in New Zealand and around the world and the publicly-employed ones universally tell us to see the IPCC Assessment Reports. Many of the independent scientists tell us there is no evidence.

I note that NIWA scientists have already started to bully you and your council, but please withstand the temptation to give in. No matter how much it may seem that the weight of public and official opinion is against you (and it’s a terrible weight) know beyond a shadow of doubt that truth is with you and truth is very weighty indeed.

The evidence for that is easy to find (unlike the evidence for DAGW) ? it is simply that so far nobody has clearly explained the evidence.

Keep asking for the evidence and be assured that we will, too. If we can be of any assistance to you, you need only ask.

With my very best wishes,

Richard Treadgold
Climate Conversation Group
Member of NZ Climate Science Coalition