Pauline Hanson hoists leftists by their own petards

The Australian left are rapidly painting themselves into a corner over Rahaf al-Qunun, and none other than Pauline Hanson has caught them out.

Never ones to let an opportunity to virtue-signal slip, the left have positively wet themselves over al-Qunun. After all, she ticks off so many of their victim boxes: young, brown, female, fleeing a brutally patriarchal society (and, unlike Asia Bibi, she’s not one of the left’s despised Christians).

But it?s a brutally patriarchal society that the left are also in love with: Islam. Their cognitive dissonance has not gone unnoticed. Quote:

Pauline Hanson has used the plight of Saudi refugee Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun to urge the Morrison government to restrict migrants from hardline Muslim countries.

In a letter to Immigration Minister David Coleman, obtained by The Weekend Australian, the One Nation leader said the case of Ms Qunun highlighted ?fatal flaws in Australia?s immigration laws?. End of quote.

It?s an article of faith on the left that Australia should let in as many Muslims as want to come. After all, they tell us, Islam is a religion of peace, ?the most feminist religion, right??

There?s only one problem. Quote:

The Department of Home Affairs was considering granting Ms Qunun a humanitarian visa after she was this week found to be a refugee by the UN, but she has been resettled in Canada instead. Ms Qunun was stopped by authorities in Thailand on Monday, where she remains, after fleeing her homeland for Australia due to fears her family would kill her for leaving the Islamic faith. End of quote.

Death as the punishment for apostasy ? leaving the faith ? is a fundamental tenet of Islamic law. The Islamic scriptures, both Koranic and hadith, are absolutely clear. So much so that it?s the law of the land in more than a dozen countries ruled by Sharia law. Even in those countries where it isn?t, such as Egypt, the Islamic prescription is carried out informally, whether by an apostate?s family or an angry mob. 86% of Egyptians, where it is not the law, still support killing apostates. The father of an apostate recently publicly declared his intention to murder his son for leaving the Islamic faith.

Scholar Abdul Rashied Omar states that, ?most classical and modern Muslim jurists regard apostasy?as a crime deserving the death penalty?. Survey data shows that large majorities of their fellow Muslims agree with them. Quote:

?As an ex-Muslim, she has every reason to fear she might suffer death at the hands of extremists in her country of Saudi Arabia because of her decision to reject Islam. However, there have been some important issues left out of the debate that need to be addressed,? Senator Hanson wrote.

?If the people of Ms al-Qunun?s country pose such an immediate threat to her safety, should we not be offering the Australian public stronger protections against those same people? The issue of Islamic extremism has never been a racial issue. It has always been an ideological issue ? our immigration program does not do enough to screen people of extreme ideological belief.? End of quote.


The left are tacitly conceding the violent intolerance of Islam when they argue that al-Qunun must be allowed into Australia, or she will be killed for abandoning the Islamic faith.

Peaceful religion/death for apostates: these two claims are incompatible.

Like all cognitive dissonants, the left are trying to maintain two contradictory beliefs: that Islam is a peaceful religion, no different to any other, and also that ex-Muslims are in unique and intolerable danger from their former fellow Muslims.

The left are resorting to an ever more fanciful denialism but, no matter how they try to duck and weave, the fact remains that, if Rahaf al-Qunun is in danger, she?s in danger precisely because of Islam.

Islam is dangerous, and Pauline Hanson is right to point that out.