Political death for the adulterer, but what about the adulteress?

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Simon Bridges took Jami-Lee Ross to task over his ?inappropriate behaviour that was unacceptable for a married Member of Parliament? which ultimately led to Jami-Lee Ross leaving the National Party before Bridges expelled him.

Why hasn’t Jami-Lee Ross’s partner in inappropriate behaviour, a married woman at the time, been given the same treatment? It seems Bridges is guilty of sexism: one standard for his male ministers but a softer stance for female ministers guilty of the same behaviour. Quote.

One of the worst-kept secrets in politics was revealed yesterday, when it was confirmed police were investigating a text message, allegedly sent from the phone of Ms Dowie, to former National MP Jami-Lee Ross.

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Now the media have outed Sarah Dowie it would be a good time for Bridges to correct his own lapse in moral judgement and demonstrate that he isn?t as sexist as his actions imply. Quote.

The text message, which included the words ”You deserve to die” was sent in the wake of the end of an extra-marital relationship between the two MPs.

Well-informed sources said the affair had caused turmoil in National party circles in Invercargill.


We are very interested in how and when the leader of the opposition will prove his capability as potential leader of a government in 2020, but Bridges’ actions to date have seriously undermined public confidence in him.

Bridges’ lapse may yet bite him in the proverbial, and if he doesn?t demonstrate good leadership qualities soon, I certainly hope that it does.

What is that I hear you say? Jami-Lee Ross leaked Bridges’ travel arrangements? Jami-Lee Ross has consistently denied being the leaker, and he is supported by the fact that the leaks continued after his departure.

It’s hard to tell if Invercargill Nats are more concerned about Dowie’s juvenile and vitriolic text, which successfully drove Jami-Lee Ross to attempt to kill himself, or her adultery. Neither is an attributes anyone wants in their government representative, so Bridges’ support of Dowie does him no favours because it highlights poor judgement. Quote.

Several members of Ms Dowie’s electorate committee had resigned in recent months, their departures due to Ms Dowie’s behaviour and conduct.

”It doesn’t reflect the values of the National Party,” one source said.

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Bridges severely underestimated public opinion when he schemed to bury Jami-Lee Ross’s political career. Now that he has chosen to stand by Dowie, could it be that he is actually digging his own political grave?