Prostituting your kids is just queer

Caption: According to the left, this is totally normal and not at all sexualised.

In the 1980s, Gary Dowsett, assistant director of the Queer Theory think tank behind the notorious Safe Schools gender indoctrination program, wrote glowing articles about paedophilia for a gay men?s magazine. Pederasty, according to Dowsett, is ?commonplace and normal, even worthy of being thought of as altruistic?.

There has been a concerted effort to vanish those articles ( the internet never forgets), but the push to normalise paedophilia rushes ahead. The latest gambit is ?child drag queens?. Drag queen culture has always been hyper-sexual, with men dressing as gross caricatures of slutty women. Thrusting children into such a milieu is little better than buying them a NAMBLA membership. Quote:

A child at the centre of this political and cultural storm is 10-year-old Nemis Quinn M?lan?on-Golden: otherwise known as Queen Lactacia, the most prominent child drag star in Canada [...]

In 2017, [his mother] Jess, her husband Cori and Nemis attended a drag show in Montreal, where the naturally exuberant child contributed a performance that was caught on video. End of quote.

But, that?s not all that?s been caught on camera. Quote:


WARNING: Photo of naked adult male and young boy over the break.

Caption: Yeah, totally normal. Nothing amiss here.

?Drag isn?t a thing you imagine a child to do, but we don?t care what people say.? End of quote.

Neither is hanging around with naked gay men. If a photo of a little girl in sexy clothing posing with a naked male had been posted online, it would rightly be reported and both photographer and adult subject investigated by police.

Nemis? parents insist that this sordid circus is entirely the kid?s idea, but who are they kidding? ?Queen Lactacia?, a pun on an early 90s rapper and breastfeeding sounds suspiciously unlike something an eight year-old would come up with on their own 25 years later. As the saying goes, it?s like a vegan cat: you know who?s making the decisions. Quote:

?Drag is an adult arena and that?s where people question our judgement,? concedes Jessica. ?So we have to censor things [?]We would never try to overtly sexualise our child.? End of quote.


Well, as the evidence shows, they?re not censoring much, and if they don?t think that fishnets, naked men, and pornographic stage names aren?t ?overtly sexualised?, one struggles to imagine where they would draw the line. If at all.

After all, who can forget these one-time poster-boys for the Rainbow cause?