Saudi Arabia is about to judge NZ’s human rights record

Saudi women cross a street in Hofuf city,

The country with one of the worst human rights records in history, where women are oppressed, which still enforces the death penalty, carries out public executions and has even been known to crucify people – yes, literally – is about to make judgement on New Zealand’s human rights record.

Yes. You read that right. No. It is not April 1st. quote.

Justice Minister Andrew Little expects New Zealand’s next United Nations human rights review, being partly overseen by Saudi Arabia, will show improvements from 2014.

Every five years member countries go before the UN in Geneva, Switzerland, to defend their human rights record and give an update on what’s been achieved since last time, in what’s known as the Universal Periodic Review.

The last time New Zealand was judged, the UN came up with 155 recommendationson ways we could improve our human rights record, mostly focused on indigenous rights, inequality, child poverty, refugees and the response to the 2010/11 Christchurch earthquakes.

Mr Little says he’ll be in front of the UN panel next week to explain what’s happened since then.

“It’s also an opportunity for me to update them on the things that this Government specifically is doing around child poverty, the fact this year will be our first ‘wellbeing Budget’,” he told RadioLIVE on Friday. end quote.

What an absolute joke. In the last couple of weeks we have been hearing about Saudi teenager Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun,? who has fled to Canada because she had renounced Islam and she was afraid for her life. Yet the Saudis are going to judge New Zealand on its human rights record? quote.

Focuses this year are likely to again be child poverty, Treaty rights and New Zealand’s efforts to help refugees and asylum seekers, but Mr Little wants to talk up the Government’s efforts on criminal justice reform too.
Prison numbers hit new highs under the previous National-led Government, but the coalition has talked of trying to cut it by as much as 30 percent, whilst lowering crime rates at the same time. end quote.

Arrested at 17, Saudi teenage protester to be beheaded and crucified

At least criminals in New Zealand only ever go to jail. They are not beheaded and crucified in public.

Why does our crazy socialist government take this seriously for one second? Compared to most countries on the planet, particularly those in Africa and the Middle East, New Zealand is a fantastic place to live. This government is even going soft on criminals, with an approach that basically wants to see a lot of criminals go unpunished. This is not particularly good for New Zealand society, but the UN Human Rights Council will absolutely love it. quote.

Each review is organised by three states chosen at random – for New Zealand this time around, they will be Brazil, Slovakia and Saudi Arabia.
The final report on New Zealand’s human rights record in 2019 will be prepared by those three nations, known as the ‘troika’, with assistance from the UNHCR.
The recommendations are not legally binding.

  Newshub end quote.

New Zealand goes cap in hand to Saudi Arabia to be told to try harder on its human rights record. It seems that these days, it is April 1st every day.

Should Saudi Arabia judge NZ on its human rights record?