Serco contract to be torn up. Oh, wait …

The Spinoff – August 2017

Those evil private enterprise people running our prisons had to be stopped. No longer would fight clubs and prisoner assaults on prison staff be permitted. Kelvin Davis made that quite clear when he was the opposition spokesman for Corrections. Quote.

Mr Davis said everything he had been told by prisoners about violence in prisons had been backed up by the reports.

“They are privileged prisoners that basically run the show and staff just turned a blind eye to it and allowed people to get assaulted at will.

“It just beggars belief, to be honest, that this is going on in New Zealand.”

Kelvin Davis, 2016

?This is New Zealand, not Guantanamo Bay. We can?t have this sort of stuff going on here in our country in 2015.?

Kelvin Davis, 2015

Labour’s corrections spokesperson Kelvin Davis says “prisoners had taken control of the prison”.

He says private prisons have no place in New Zealand. End quote.

Kelvin Davis 2016

Now that Davis is Minister of Corrections, how’s it all panning out? Quote.

Auckland Prison’s new maximum security wing has been rocked by serious assaults in its first three months of operation.

The $300 million facility at the prison in Paremoremo on Auckland’s North Shore was opened in July, but inmates weren’t moved there until October. Since then, five staff have been injured in two attacks.

Violence first erupted at the wing in late December, when four Corrections Officers were injured in an attack by four inmates. […]

[Beven Hanlon] said both of the attacks could be put down to relaxed protocols at the new wing, where maximum-security prisoners were being given the same privileges as lower-security ones.

“Management appear to be more worried about prisoners’ rehabilitation than staff safety,” Hanlon said. “They’ve tried to give these maximum security prisoners a whole lot of time out of their cells.

“Five hours a day, they’re hanging out in bunches of four or five, working out what mischief they can get up to and how they can assault people. These days, guys run competitions to see how many staff they can assault in a month.”  End quote.


But it is not called a ‘fight club’ because this prison is not run by private enterprise. This prison is run by Corrections.

It is a tad tricky when you cannot take the high ground, tear up the contract with Serco and grandstand about how evil the private enterprise operators are and how much better things would be if only it was run by unionised public servants.