Skilled migrant numbers in freefall

Well, well, well… in the middle of a housing boom, an infrastructure boom, shortages of nurses, teachers, midwives, doctors… guess what? The number of skilled migrants coming to the country has fallen sharply. I find this more than a little surprising. Apparently, since this government took office, more than 96,000 people (not counting wife-beating Czech drug dealers) have been granted permanent residency here. So if those 96,000 people are not skilled migrants, then what are they? quote.

New figures show the number of skilled migrants has halved in the past year, and politics is to blame. 
It’s making it harder for businesses who need migrants to fill jobs. Dunedin?s Madam Woo restaurant blamed lack of workers for its closure this week and construction and decorating businesses struggling to find workers 
New Zealand Association for Migration and Investment chairwoman June Ranson says the drop in numbers has a political cause.

“It started really from a political point of view, and it was part of the campaigns for the elections to reduce migrants, because the public was saying there are too many here.”

end quote.

That may be true, but if 96,000 people came into the country in the last 15 months, there is no slowing of migrants coming in. It is the type of migrants that is different. Presumably, many of these migrants do not have the skills that are required here.

You really couldn’t make this stuff up, could you? This is the most incompetent government in all history. quote.

Ranson told NewsTalk ZB?s Andrew Dickens this has caused businesses to close due to a lack of new workers. She says that there is less incentive for lower skilled workers to come here.

“The policy has been tightened quite significantly and it is making it difficult.”  end quote.

The policy change that she refers to was designed so we wouldn’t get so many ‘chefs’, who were not needed, according to Andrew Little at the time. It was intended to raise the quality of the immigrants coming in by insisting that only immigrants who are paid above a certain salary level are the ones allowed in. There was also a change to student visas, as clearly they were being used as a direct route to permanent residency. However, we still need construction workers, we still need workers in horticulture and hospitality (oops… does that mean we really needed those chefs after all?), and we need workers in all sorts of other industries.

So I ask again. If the 96,000 people who came into the country in the last 15 months are not skilled migrants, then what are they? quote.

Ranson says the shortages cover almost all industries, including construction, horticulture and hospitality.
Many employers are trying to use Work and Income to fill the vacancies, but Ranson says they are finding New Zealanders to be disappointing employees.??
“They are found to have drugs, lose their driving licenses, or are totally unreliable.”

Yudu end quote.

They wouldn’t be talking about Shane Jones’s nephews, would they?

People were concerned about the levels of immigration at the last election with good reason and the government promised to deal with the problem. Now, here we are with a housing shortage, a shortage of hospitality workers, no one to pick apples and 96,000 more people. How exactly we have come to this, I do not know. All I can say is that, once again, this government is incompetent. It hasn’t stopped people from flowing in through the borders, and exactly what kind of people they are, and whether or not they fit our requirements, nobody knows. What a bunch of idiots we have running this country… starting right at the top.