Slack on Bridges

National leader Simon Bridges

I used to like and admire David Slack. Admittedly, it was a while ago. He had a great sense of humour and a clever way with words. I used to love some of his one-liners. Sadly, like too many ‘celebrities’, for want of a better word, he has sacrificed his humour and sharp wit for a tendency to tell us all how we should live. Nowadays he is nothing more than a Jacindaphile. This article proves it. quote.

I was put next to him [Simon Bridges] at a lunch last month and greeted him with a warm handshake and the exact same words I use in the column: “Gidday, poor old Simon.” We chatted amiably for a good long while about our prospects in the respective cruel worlds of politics and media. He’s a good sport, poor old Simon. end quote.

See the immediate put down? “Poor old Simon”. He is neither poor nor old, and if his political career has already reached its pinnacle, he will have lots of prospects back in the real world. Jacinda, on the other hand, is hanging out for a job at the UN because she has no prospects, other than back to the fish and chip shop in Morrinsville. quote.

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But if I’d known then what would be emerging in the following week or two I would have had more to say, and so I offer these thoughts to him now: FFS, man, what’s wrong with your people?

Just before Christmas we learned from a report that government departments and agencies had been using private investigators to spy on people. This was not the public service the way you thought you knew them. The Ministry of Social Development hired investigators to dig up dirt on witnesses in the case of two brothers seeking damages from the government for being abused in state care. end quote.

This behaviour has gone on for decades. It certainly happened under the Helen Clark government. It may well still be going on. David is cherry picking, as Lefties so often do. But no. It is all Simon Bridges’ fault. quote.

National Party ministers may say they didn’t know anything wrong was going on, but you have to wonder: did they create a culture of expectation that this sort of thing might happen? Did they make it acceptable, desirable even, to thuggishly suppress dissent?
Just how loose can you get with rules and truth? end quote.

As loose as things were in the period 2005 to 2008 when Michael Cullen was Attorney General, but let’s gloss over that. It was a Labour government, so it was okay to do it back then. quote.

Over the holidays, National party billboards sprung up on various roads making the assertion that if they were in power you’d be getting four magnificent lanes on this stretch you’re stuck on right now.
A truer way to put it might have been: “If you put us back in government we might maybe make this a 4-lane road sometime in the next 10 years, plus we’ll sit on our hands about climate change.” end quote.

Sorry, David, but that is just plain garbage. The billboards went up at places where new roading projects were already in progress under the previous government, and have since been scrapped by Labour. The Otaki to Levin highway has been downgraded from 4 lanes to 2 by this government. Ditto roads in Ashburton, Tauranga and the famous ‘holiday highway’ in Northland. You are just making stuff up here, David. quote.

Now, it seems, they want to scare us with hysterical conspiracy theories about the UN Global Compact and it’s the kind of swivel-eyed politics that makes you want to say quietly to their leader: “Simon, mate: WTF?”

So David Slack is completely okay with all prospective migrants having exactly the same rights as New Zealand citizens, and with our sovereignty being superseded by a new world order governed by the UN? Really, David? Or, like most lefties, do you just follow like sheep and assume it must be okay because Jacinda says so?

Fortunately, David Slack is just an occasional columnist who writes about lots of things, politics being only one of them, but as I read his recent article about his trip on the Old Ghost Road it struck me how much David clearly likes New Zealand the way it is. I wonder how he will feel about the place when signing up to the UN Migrant Compact has resulted in millions of migrants bringing their barbaric culture to our shores, our sexual assault statistics becoming like Sweden’s and Sharia law courts making women second-class citizens in their own country?

I mean, David, mate: WTF?

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