So glad we have media balance in NZ

NZ Herald reporting in a truly unbiased fashion.

A couple of days ago there was a post on Whaleoil about Trump Derangement Syndrome in New Zealand. Well that can’t be right, now can it?

One accepts that Trump is not the best of buddies with CNN and The Washington Post and a few other legacy media outlets in the US because he has called them out as ‘Fake News’.

But, so far as I am aware, he has not yet called out the NZ Herald as Fake News so my confidence that they would fairly report the US situation is high … misguided.

Donald Trump’s woes intensify with polls at a low.
Trump’s polls aren’t looking good ahead of next year’s presidential election. good.

NZ Herald 16 Jan 2019

Come on NZ Herald, at least try to appear as though you are reporting news rather than giving us your opinion and telling us what we should think.

Yes, I believe in freedom of speech, but surely the role of the media is to report the news, help to determine which issues should be discussed, and keep people actively involved in society and politics; but not to create and shape public opinion.