Sroubek’s parents enter the fray

Karel Sroubek image credit Newshub

Poor Karel Sroubek. He is obviously simply misunderstood. He is a lovely guy really. Sure, he may be a drug dealing wife beater, but his mother loves him and thinks he is a good boy. He really should be granted New Zealand residency because he has friends, such as Richie Hardcore and Clarke Gayford, in all the right places, and he is a very desirable person for this country to accept as a resident. Well, except for his drug dealing and wife beating tendencies, but hey, nobody is perfect. Right? quote.

The parents of convicted drug smuggler Karel Sroubek say their son is being punished twice for talking on the phone to a person not approved by prison authorities.
Sroubek, who faces deportation to the Czech Republic, is serving a prison sentence of five years and nine months for smuggling nearly 5kg of MDMA ecstasy into New Zealand.
Under prison rules, inmates can talk on the phone to people who have been pre-approved by prison authorities.
Sroubek’s mother, Mila Sroubkova, told Stuff that her son called a friend on his approved list of callers on November 29.
However, the friend had a journalist at his home and passed the phone to the journalist who then talked to Sroubek.

Sroubek admitted the charge and was punished with seven days loss of privileges, including access to the gym and canteen.
He had been living in the residences – essentially a townhouse inside the prison wire where inmates cook for themselves and live in a flat-like situation, usually shortly before they’re released.
But last Friday authorities shifted him back to the main cell block, despite Sroubek having a low security risk.
Sroubkova said her son was now sharing a cell with a convicted murderer. end quote.

Spare me the sob story. If I was the murderer, I would be worried. Sroubek is a champion kickboxer, in the peak of fitness and, as we know, drug dealers are not usually the cuddliest of people. Anyway, he knows the rules. What exactly is he doing talking to journalists? He is supposed to be serving a prison sentence for drug dealing. quote.

“I am truly worried about his mental health and how he takes it ? because it is a very big change ? Now it is 100 percent worse. I am really worried about his life.”

    Mila Sroubkova end quote.

Here’s a thought, Mila. Your son should try not to commit crimes that result in imprisonment. Then you wouldn’t have to worry about him. Nevertheless, I think he’ll be fine. He does seem to be able to take care of himself. quote.

In a letter to the director of the private, Serco-run prison, Sroubek’s parents say their son has been punished twice for the same offence and has lost his ability to appeal.
“We all know the public attention that our son’s case has attracted but this seems to be working against him.
“We are only asking that our son receive fair justice and that the process be as it would for any other prisoner.” end quote.

I don’t see how the publicity that this case has attracted would have made any difference. He broke prison rules. Karel Sroubek, it seems, thinks he can do what he likes and no one will hold him to account. Thankfully, the management of the “Serco-run prison” (did you see that? How is the fact that the prison is run by Serco relevant? Could it be because the media hate privately run prisons, so they imply that Serco are being extra hard on inmates?) haven’t fallen for his obvious charms and treat him like any other prisoner. quote.

Sroubkova told Stuff that her son doesn’t want her to worry.
“I believe he is strong but I think now – for him and for anybody – it is more than he can take.” end quote.

So here we go again. The media try to make out that criminals are really just like you and me. Sroubek is grossly misunderstood, a lovely boy who is kind to his mother, suffering in a nasty private prison, and we really should be allowing him to stay and contribute to our society.

I wonder if the media’s take on criminals is all part of the government’s plan to go soft on crime? It certainly seems that way. Anyway, thank you Stuff for writing this article. I wasn’t going to let the subject of Karel Sroubek and his connections disappear from view over the holiday period. You just made that decision easier than I expected.