Stuart Nash: Pill testing at Music festivals is a must do.

It’s confirmed. Police Minister Stuart Nash reads Whaleoil. Okay, so maybe not exactly confirmed but he gets it: Pill testing is the pragmatic and realistic thing to do.

Newshub reports: quote.

Quote:Drug-testing at festivals is an admission young people are taking them, but needs to be done, according to Police Minister Stuart Nash.

[…]”We can be all high and mighty and moral about this, and we’ll still have young people ending up in hospital, still taking drugs.”

[…]”It is an admission that young people are buying these drugs off dealers and suppliers that we haven’t caught… and they are taking these drugs at these festivals,” he said.

[…]He said police won’t be able to stop every dealer or drug coming into New Zealand, and young people need to know what they’re taking is safe.End of quote.

Let’s be clear here. What we are talking about is MDMA, the main ingredient in Ecstasy, and, despite what a certain politician over in Aussie and a guy named Bob say, there is certainly a safe level of MDMA use. The reason we’re having to pill test is two-fold.

  • First, as a result of Prohibition, black market dealers are trying to pack as much MDMA into a single pill as they can. These are often dangerous amounts such as over 300mg.
  • Secondly, a clampdown on precursors gave producers of Ecstasy pills an incentive to be inventive, and substitute MDMA for far more dangerous substances such as PMA. quote.

Quote:“If we could stop every single dealer and supplier from selling drugs to our young people or pushing them into our communities we would. We’re saying we’re never going to stop this, we are never going to stop every single dealer or supplier coming into this country – no country ever has.”End of quote.

Police Minister Stuart Nash

Or to put it in a more global perspective, despite billions, perhaps trillions of dollars spent, and decades of “Just Say No”, not a single permanent dent has been made in the supply and use of illegal drugs.

Personally, I would allow the licensed and regulated sale of Ecstasy at music festivals – 100mg of MDMA per pill, one pill per customer, and not to be sold to persons who have consumed alcohol. Not perfect by any means, but a whole lot better than young people dying because of dodgy black market E. In the meantime, pill testing is a great move forward.

Pill testing is the right thing to do. It saves lives. Period.