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National MPs Alfred Ngaro, Gerry Brownlee & Green Party Co-leader and Climate Change Minister James Shaw meet students of GPS Fasi moe Afi Primary School

John Rofe is a chartered accountant and business consultant with 14 years of experience of research into conflicting arguments. Before that, he had some experience as a commercial fraud investigator. More recently he has studied both sides of the??climate change??debate.

Given the outburst of global warming alarm splashed on the front page of the morning Herald, based on the known temperature reading fiddler Jim Salinger, and the grant seeking James Renwick of Victorias University, you might find this timely as a guest post. 

I have only recently come across John Rofe, whose research into climate change is some of the deepest and most convincing I have read from anywhere in the world. What?s below is a follow-up letter to Climate Change Minister James Shaw.

An Open letter to our Minister of Climate Change

[…] I have spent 14 years trying to find whether Anthropogenic Global Warming has some evidence to support it.  As you already know from our previous lengthy correspondence […] I have been able to […] prove to my own satisfaction that it is wrong and a total fraud supported by multiple lies and conspiracies. […]

 CO2 emissions are certainly not one of humanity?s problems ? so you are just wasting valuable time and should change direction and address the real issues.  Please deal with the main event and not this ?global socialist side-show?.  You may well be scheming to empower the UN to become an unaccountable global socialist government, but that too is an irrelevant side-show for humanity. […

CO2 comprises only four hundredths of one percent of earth?s atmosphere and while it is a greenhouse gas, it exists in such a small proportion to other natural greenhouse gases that even in its totality it cannot possibly cause climate change.  The human contribution to atmospheric CO2 is small and far less than even the sum of the interchange between sea and air, volcanism, rotting vegetation, natural forest fires etc.  The IPCC studies arbitrarily presume all the increase in atmospheric CO2 comes from human causes.  It is suggested by IPCC sponsored reports that science controls nature…and that is just naked and unsubstantiated hubris.

The ice core sample analysis published globally from the 1990s showed that for the last 600,000 years the changes in atmospheric CO2 occur after (and only after) changes in temperature.  This seems straightforward as the oceans (where far greater proportion of the world?s CO2 is held) only give up the gas when warming and absorb it when cooling.[…]

Despite hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on climate models, none of them have been able to replicate the current change in atmospheric temperatures which have stubbornly remained within normal bounds.  Only Russia?s model, which acknowledges the impacts of other natural causes comes close.   More importantly, those hundreds of billions of dollars have in truth only reinforced the certainty that CO2 emissions can not only not be accurately measured but also the impact of IPCC policy settings on reducing emissions cannot possibly have a measurable outcome.  Yet the IPCC and their acolytes want us to spend much more on emissions reduction.  Reducing pollution is praiseworthy.  But there is demonstrably no good purpose for reducing CO2 emissions. 

Germany spent a trillion Euros implementing a rapid rill-out of renewable energy projects over four years.  They did not even put a dent in their CO2 emissions but they did succeed in giving their citizens the highest cost of electricity in Europe…alongside Denmark, which achieved the same result.  For Germany and for Japan, they have both gone back to building multiple new coal plants…hopefully with effective scrubbers for pollution minimisation. 

Every scare tactic and its associated, trumped up, pseudo-scientific evidence has led to predictions that have failed to hold true. 

The polar bears were meant to be in crisis (they are not ? in fact they prosper more than ever). ,

The Arctic Ocean was meant to have been ice free by the summer of 2013 (it isn?t ? in fact the extent of sea ice is greater than before and this year even the ice load on Greenland increased by some 550 billion tonnes).

The sea levels were meant to be rising far faster due to the increase in atmospheric CO2, yet the rate of change in sea level rise has remained largely unchanged or has in some areas dropped. 

The ice load of Antarctica has not reduced.  The temperature of the lower atmosphere has actually fallen by 0.5 degrees since 2016.  Yet CO2 emissions continue to stubbornly rise.  The most obvious cause of that is warming oceans due to an upsurge in volcanism, yet we humans must be made to feel guilty.

To be continued…

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