Stupidest ad ever

The narrative is clear. Men are bad and need ‘fixing’.?How about an ad showing that suicide victims are mostly male? How about one that shows that most homeless people are men? What about men who are kept away from their children by a vengeful ex-partner, using children as pawns? What about men being maliciously accused of rape, with their lives and careers remaining in ruins after the lies are revealed? Or that the vast majority of work-related deaths are men?

We sacrifice all for the love of our family, our people and our country. We put our lives on the line so that our women and children will be safe and cared for.?(I know how politically incorrect it is to state this).

The ad is nothing less than a perverted assault on the male gender. It is masculinity that drives men to do whatever it takes to protect and provide for the people they love, whether that means long hours, dangerous roles or even giving up our lives. Even so, our own fear and anxiety are often hidden so our families aren’t hindered in their development and happiness.

It is masculinity that raises words such as honour, faithfulness, sacrifice, obligation and chivalry from ink on a page to the practice of manhood.
I am proud to have worked with young men over the years, and I know that masculinity is neither ‘toxic’, nor does it need to be ‘amended’.

The website behind the ad states:

Many find themselves at a crossroads, caught between the past and a new era of masculinity. 
While it is clear that changes are needed, where and how we can start to effect that change is less obvious for many.


Gillette, this “new era of masculinity” you seek is one of emasculated manhood; it is pushing your agenda of being against what has protected and provided for our families, our sovereignty and our way of life for centuries. You seek to indoctrinate our people with your toxic ideology.

This man says No.
Step away from my family, my people and my sovereign nation.
Masculinity is awesome.


Masculinity is awesome! Oorah!