The boats are on their way


Do you remember how John Key tried to tell us that migrant boats would eventually start arriving in New Zealand? The opposition at the time scoffed at the idea, saying that there was no way that migrant boats could get this far.

Well, guess what? None of them may have made it this far yet, but that doesn’t mean that they are not prepared to give it a go. quote.

Immigration New Zealand has issued a warning to anyone who might try to reach New Zealand illegally by boat – “There is every chance you will drown at sea.”
The department said it would not comment on specific reports that a boat carrying more than 100 illegal migrants might be attempting to travel to New Zealand but said such a mass arrival was a possibility New Zealand should be prepared for.
Police in Southern India are investigating the suspected attempt to illegally transport more than 100 Indian people, including women and children, by boat to New Zealand, media agencies have reported.
A Kerala State police spokesman told the Associated Press police were questioning people who were to have boarded the fishing boat which reportedly left from Munambam Harbour near Kochi in Kerala on January 12. end quote.

It really is just a question of having a big enough boat, and with the signing of the UN Compact for Migration, it is quite possible that these would not be seen as illegal migrants once they arrived here anyway. That means that people smugglers can presumably do as they want, and as New Zealand has signed up to the UN compact, but Australia hasn’t, it seems more than a coincidence that the boats would suddenly start heading our way now.

Police began investigating when they found dozens of abandoned bags containing “everything needed for a sea journey” at the harbour, said spokesman MJ Sojan.

“The boat is gone, that’s for sure,” he told the AP.
The boat was carrying people from Delhi and Tamil Nadu, two officers involved in the case told Reuters.

A person from New Delhi arrested in connection with the investigation told police the boat was heading to New Zealand, they said.
It is not clear where the overcrowded fishing boat is now.

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) assistant general manager Stephen Vaughan said INZ did not comment on specific ventures but it was aware that people-smugglers continued to express interest in targeting New Zealand. end quote.

Even more reason to do so now that the UN compact is signed, meaning we have to give them full residency rights on arrival. It is probably worth the risks to get here. quote.

Although there had never been such a mass arrival in New Zealand, there was no doubt it was a target for people smugglers and it was a possibility that the country needed to be prepared for, he said.

A NEWSPAPER end quote

Prepare yourselves for the arrival of thousands of people from the third world, all desperate to become New Zealanders. This is what our hopeless government has brought to us.

John Key was right. It was only ever a matter of time before the ravaging hordes of illegal migrants started arriving on our shores. It looks as though that time has now come.

Thanks Jacinda. Photoshopped image credit: Luke