The Brexit choice is clear

Image credit Pixa

It is unlikely that the New Zealand general public have intricate knowledge about the fine details of Brexit, thanks to our biased local mainstream Media.

During the last three years, we personally had an opportunity to forge closer ties with our UK relatives and friends, including some great holidays to England, Wales and Scotland. According to the majority of our UK ?buddies,? the Brexit UK exodus has but one option to honour democracy and that is to leave the EU.?

The referendum decided that Britain will fully exit the rules and restrictions of the European Union so they said a big?no?to a soft-Brexit and an identical?no?to Prime Minister Theresa May’s deal.

The elite Remainers are promoting three tactics to oppose the referendum decision.

  • Prime Minister Theresa May?s deal that is really an EU ?remain deal?
  • A second referendum
  • Another general election

Some MPs have displayed their anti-democratic colours by pushing for a second referendum with the intention of manipulating ?the people? to vote until they?achieve?their desired ‘remain’ goal.

They?are?not?publically?supported by May who has virtue signalled that she is firmly against a second referendum and has also ruled out a general election. May ‘appears’ to be correct on pragmatic grounds that neither option would end this stalemate.

Notably by May engaging the deferred ?meaningful vote? on January 14 (which is just?one week before the UK legal requirement exit date to meet the Brexit agreement with the EU), it is evident that her ulterior motive is to convince or panic MPs to choose her ?terrible remain deal? rather than the correct Brexit with a?no-deal.

May is anticipating that the houses will reluctantly back her deal, especially if she has managed to obtain the ?legal? one sided EU agreement about the Irish backstop, which practically would be unworkable.

Should the MPs vote affirmatively for Mays ?deal? they will be voting to negate Brexit; as May?s deal is Brexit by name only which would leave the UK?forever?shackled?to the EU.

The only choice is clear. The?UK has to leave without ‘a deal’ as Britain has the upper economic trade advantage over the European Union, otherwise, why all the fuss by the un-elected EU?bureaucrats???An affirmative Brexit?result?is the is only way to honour the referendum verdict and sanctify what is left of Britain?s public faith in the democratic process.

It is time for these dishonest Globalist elite politicians like May, and those who aspire to be globalist elites like Ardern and Peters to be given a metaphorical kick in the guts and put back in their rightful place. They are servants of the people and must be made to respect the sovereignty of democracy and Nationhood.

Brexiteers are concerned but honest with me when they say that a no-deal may produce some problems, however the positive economic history since the Brexit referendum shows such problems if they manifest at all, will be short lived as shown when the predicted post affirmative referendum doom and gloom didn?t happen.?

The benefits of regaining her sovereignty, plus the fiscal and economic trade opportunities after detaching the UK away from the EU globalists is the only future for the United Kingdom and the West.