The Communist dragon flexes its muscles in NZ’s backyard

During the 2012 election debates, Barack Obama hyuck-hyucked at Mitt Romney?s pledge to scale up America?s navy. ?We also have fewer horses and bayonets,? Obama smirked. The sycophantic press dutifully guffawed along. It took less than five years before China?s bellicose actions in the Pacific hammered home just how right Romney was to worry about the degrading of America?s blue water fleet.

But, strategically clueless as he was, Obama?s feckless disregard for the threat of China is echoed across the West. Not least in the left-intelligentsia of whom the arrogantly ignorant Obama was the apotheosis. As reported in Whaleoil, Western academics and leftist politicians are throwing open their gates to the Trojan panda, even as intelligence agencies ramp up their warnings. Quote:

US intelligence agencies today delivered a blistering warning about China?s efforts to undermine western democracy through military brinkmanship and cyberwar, including the bullying of Pacific island nations in Australia?s backyard. End of quote.

Australia’s backyard is also New Zealand’s backyard. Quote:

The assessment by the America?s Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats comes a day after the US unveiled sweeping new charges against Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei for stealing trade secrets.

As tensions between the two superpowers rise, Mr Coats released the US intelligence community?s Worldwide Threat Assessment which zeroed in on the multiple ways in which China is now seeking to undermine the West.

He warned that Beijing was increasingly using every arm of its government to secure disputed territories, shape global discourse about China, disrupt Western elections and steal key economic, military and technical secrets from the US and its allies like Australia. End of quote.

As we have seen, Beijing has no shortage of useful idiots in the West, from clueless academics happily handing over the keys to their IT infrastructure, to venal politicians greedily lining up for Chinese cash. The worst of it is that these fools seem to think that a Communist regime notorious for its brutal authoritarianism has substantially mended its ways. Quote:

?China is deepening its authoritarian turn under President Xi Jinping,? Mr Coats warned. ?China?s leaders will try to extend the country?s global economic, political and military reach while using China?s military capabilities ? to diminish US influence.?

He issued a stern warning about China?s behaviour in the South Pacific where Beijing is using infrastructure investments as a means to gaining strategic and economic influence over small island nations.

?China is currying favour with numerous Pacific Island nations through bribery, infrastructure, investments and diplomatic engagement,? Coats said in his statement.

A day after the US slapped charges against Huawei, Mr Coats warned that China was using its own state owned companies as tools for espionage and that it was ramping up its attempts to steal secrets from the west.

He said China presents ?a growing attack threat to our core military and critical infrastructure systems??In terms of China?s military he said the People?s Liberation Army ?is undergoing its most comprehensive restructuring ever to realise China?s long-held goal of being able to conduct modern, rapid military operations based on high technology to assert and defend China?s regional and growing global interests.? End of quote.


China is not just expanding its influence in Australia and New Zealand’s backyard, it’s inserting its tentacles of influence in both countries. New Zealand’s intelligence services are sounding the warning, but useful idiots like Massey university refuse to listen.