The David Attenborough of New Zealand

New Zealand’s ‘first man’ Clarke Gayford

I used to admire David Attenborough, but to me, these days, he is just another member of the elite telling everyone else how to live. He must have pumped enormous amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere producing his wildlife programmes, or lecturing the masses on climate change on his trips to billionaire forums. He falls neatly into the ‘do as I say’ brigade, who deserve nothing more than contempt.

Attenborough still has admirers though, and Jacinda, after her sojourn to Davos, is one of them. Now it seems she is determined that New Zealand needs its own David Attenborough, and Jacinda knows who that should be. It seems that Clarke Gayford is ready to step up into this heady role. quote.

As Clarke Gayford’s partner PM Jacinda Ardern met Sir David Attenborough in Switzerland last week, news came that Gayford would be stepping into the iconic wildlife broadcaster’s shoes in the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra (APO) Planet Earth II Live in Concert, in May.
Gayford, 41, who hosts his own fishing TV show, will take the role of narrator, as Attenborough did for the BBC. end quote.

To quote the great John McEnroe: “You can NOT be serious”. quote.

On Wednesday morning, Ardern met Attenborough privately before taking part, with former Vice President Al Gore, in a panel discussion on climate change at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. And she had a surprise for Gayford.
“I actually woke this morning to a picture she sent me of the two of them together, with the words, ‘Told Sir David all about you’. The world would be a much better place with more people like him,” Gayford tells Spy. end quote.

No, this is not fake news. Unfortunately. quote.

Gayford thinks highly of the 92-year-old wildlife legend. Like most of us he grew up watching him and appreciates what Sir David has done over a seven-decade career educating his viewers. end quote.

Attenborough would probably not think highly of Gayford, if he ever had the misfortune to meet him. quote.

“One of the best tools for conservation is creating a connection to the environment with people who might not have the chance to experience it for themselves. That connection then helps drive people when it comes to caring and taking action. The environmental messages we run through our series are but a drop in the ocean of what Sir David does, but we are all pulling in the same direction,” he says. end quote.

Gayford with 105kg Southern Bluefin Tuna. Photo / Richard Baker

I struggle to understand how someone who spends his life pulling fish out of the ocean is suddenly a conservationist. Attenborough seeks to educate people about the natural world. Gayford has done his bit to destroy it. Is he not going to be a fisherman any more? Has he suddenly seen the light?

Or has, he, like Jacinda, sold his soul for a few moments in the limelight? quote.

Gayford says he couldn’t be more proud to be part of the APO Planet Earth concert. “We will have iconic big screen scenes of nature at its best, captured by the best cinematographers on Earth and enhanced with the emotion that only live music can elicit, thanks to the world-class APO. It really doesn’t get much better than that. end quote.

Great stuff, Clarke. Maybe your next TV role could be as host for the upcoming game show, “The Chase NZ”. quote.

“My love of television was cultivated on Sunday nights watching Our World with my parents. I have always been fascinated by the craft of nature documentaries and Planet Earth is the shining jewel among them. So to be asked was a privilege.”

Clarke Gayford Spy News end quote.

Of course, it is not possible that your girlfriend pulled a few strings here for you, is it, Clarke? Another case of ‘jobs for the boys’ for this corrupt government?