The fool’s paradise of the Left

The left refuses to accept that some proponents of Islam are evil. To accept the inevitability of extremist Islam’s path would be for the left to shoot itself in the head, which of course, it won’t do. Expert on Islam, Robert Spencer, wrote for Voice of Europe about the murder of two Scandinavian girls in Morocco. Quote:

Louisa, 24, from Denmark, and Maren, 28, from Norway?were beheaded?by Islamic jihadists while camping in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco.

Louisa Jespersen and Maren Ueland no doubt learned in whatever Scandinavian universities they attended, since those universities were no doubt as saturated as universities everywhere else in the Western world with?moral relativism and contemptuous of absolutes, that there is?no?dispute between people that can?t be settled by mutually respectful ?dialogue,?and that?the troubles in the world today are primarily the fault of the U.S. and Israel.?So why should two girls from Scandinavia have anything to worry about in Morocco?” End of quote.

That the left promotes?mutually respectful dialogue?and that we adhere to it with a religious intensity is testament to our outrageous stupidity.??Sure, anything less is barbaric – except when one party in this dialogue follows a barbaric culture that pretends to be otherwise.??In this case, dialogue without teeth is a complete waste of time.

The?left refuses to recognise that aspects of Islam are incapable of respecting anything else.

The left?does not acknowledge Islam’s barbaric, hateful and violent nature despite its obvious hallmarks of murder, slavery and subjugation.

We could, and often do, blame the media for promoting the lie that Islam is a religion of peace, but this does not excuse us from paying proper attention to world events.

The left dictates that we maintain mutual respect, instead of acknowledging that Islam extremists are evil, but why then are moderate Islamists strangely silent on extremism making them a part of the problem?

I’ve lost count of the number of New Zealanders who refuse to criticise Islam, instead they are the silent majority who justify their stance by comparing gun violence in the US with Islamic terrorism only in Europe.

While terrorist deaths in Europe and US gun deaths were supposedly on a par in 2015, there has been a surge of terrorist activity in Europe over the last three years, but more importantly, why is terrorist activity in the rest of the world, particularly the middle east ?south Asia and Africa, not considered when it outperforms Europe?

Incidents of Christian genocide in Africa don’t even reach make mainstream media.

Another skew in the US gun and terrorism in Europe are murders like the Tree of Life synagogue killings# in December where 11 Jews died at the hands of a gunman.? They are recorded?as US gun deaths but are terrorism, and an example of the west bumping up US gun deaths and then comparing these with European terrorist activity.

The United Nations is a prime example of the influence of the left. It refuses to acknowledge the rights of Israel and the United States. It is driven by muslim countries with western countries like ours blindly following UN dictates to open international borders and raise the status of migrants to that of any law abiding, tax paying citizen anywhere.??We embarrass ourselves with our naivety. Quote.

Leftist today see only?one group of genuinely evil people?in the world. The ones who recognise that there are evil forces that are set against the West. Louisa and Maren almost certainly had nothing but disdain for such ?intolerance? and ?hate?.” End of quote.

Scandinavia fell to Islam without putting up a fight, instead the Trojan horse of migration was given a very warm Scandinavian welcome. Now Islam is firmly established, it goes about its real business of conquering by terrorism and murder and setting up Sharia courts to subjugate.??Quote.

According to Spencer ?The deaths of Louisa Jespersen and Maren Ueland are also a consequence of the leftist world in which they moved and lived.?Leftist leaders constructed this fantasy world,because leftist ideas are dead on the drawing board without it.? End of quote.

The well meaning left aligned soul genuinely wants to take care of the disadvantaged. But their noble aspirations have been used by leaders who abandon the safety of their own people in pursuit of the personal political goal of building a fantasy worldwide utopia. Angela Merkel, Theresa May, Emmanuel Macron and Justin Trudeau are all guilty. Thank God for Donald Trump and other leaders who put the safety of their own people ahead of mass migration.??Quote.

Now they are murdered and dead, and sadly no one among their peers is likely to learn the true lesson of their deaths. And some among them are certain to repeat their mistake.

Islamic State will be waiting and can thank the left for providing them with a continual supply of victims, Spencer concludes.” End of quote.

If we didn’t learn from the last 30-plus years where the Middle East, Africa South Asia and Europe were torn apart by Islam, you can conclude that we probably never will.