The global Asian community is waking up to Australia’s African problem

Caption: Escalating theft and violence from African gangs has Melbourne’s Vietnamese community on edge.

Australia?s political and media class remain in steady denial of the spiralling problem of African gang crime, which is most prevalent in Melbourne but has begun to spread to other cities as well, but the world?s Asian community is beginning to wake up to what the elite in Australia still refuse to see.

Hopclear reports on ?what?s going on in the Asian world. We bring you stories that Asians talk about?. Escalating tensions between Africans and Melbourne?s Vietnamese community is headline news. Quote:

A brawl broke out between a group of Vietnamese men and Sudanese youths in Melbourne, Australia, on Christmas Eve. It is believed the group of Vietnamese men fought back after their cigarettes were stolen by the Sudanese group. Tensions have been rising for months between the two groups following a string of robberies and assaults by the Sudanese youths. End of quote.

Animosity between black Americans and Koreans in particular exploded in the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Korean neighbourhoods were targeted: thousands of shops were looted and burned, while other Korean shopkeepers armed themselves to guard their businesses. More recently, San Francisco?s ?dirty little secret? was that ?Asian residents are being targeted for robberies, burglaries and intimidation by young black men?. Quote:

Vietnamese Australian residents told The Age for the past three to six months the African Australian youths would bully the Vietnamese middle-agers into giving them cigarettes and mobile phones.

A local shop owner told The Age that the shop owners are starting to fight back following some robberies to their stores. ?It?s common to see [the African-Australia youths] hanging around asking for cigarettes but lately they?ve become rude and walk around swearing so the locals have started saying no when asked,? he said. ?Now they?re becoming more aggressive and they arrive in big groups, sometimes up to 20, and just take what they want. It?s not good for business.? End of quote.

Australia?s elites have been insisting that there is no African crime wave: after all, their wealthy suburbs and upscale restaurants have been safe. For Melbourne?s Vietnamese, though, the threat is very real, and they?ve had enough. Quote:

The video which has gone viral in the Vietnamese community in Australia has left many furious. Some young Vietnamese are calling on each other to rally together to fight back, reports The Daily Mail. One Facebook user wrote, ?Guys, I usually don?t post much, but enough is enough. We gotta make a stand together as a whole and stick up to these situations. Rally up and stand together to fight against these people who think they can walk all over us.?

Although many Vietnamese youths want to fight back, many older Vietnamese workers in the area fear the African gang. They believe the African Australian youths will take revenge on January 6th during the St Albans Lunar Festival, which takes place on the same street the brawl happened. Many shop owners told the Daily Mail Australia about their run-ins with the African Australian gang and how the police were of little use.

One shop owner, who had been a victim of two attacks that left her with a gash on her head, said that she called the cops but they didn?t show up after she was attacked. End of quote.

Tensions are reaching boiling-point in Melbourne. Australia Day this year is shaping up as a potential powder-keg. Tet, the Vietnamese New Year on 6 January, may be another flash-point. Quote:

Another feared there would be a huge brawl between the two sides on St Albans Lunar Festival due to a lack of police. She said that the Vietnamese community has reached a point where they will no longer tolerate being pushed around. ?We haven?t seen the police until those [recent] incidents ? nobody is doing anything. None of the guys around here. We?ve all grown up now,? she said. ?But [the teen gangs] are young and they don?t appreciate the laws and rules.

?Next weekend, it?s going to be bad on that day because everybody goes out to enjoy the day ? but if they go crazy on that day, plus with so many people, it?s going to be bad.

?If it?s on, it?s going to be really bad. Kids everywhere. It?s going to get out of control. And I think it?s going to be on.? End of quote.

Police and politicians will blatherskite about an ?increased presence?, but few people in the suburbs which have been living in fear for months are convinced. They?ve seen Victoria Police?s ‘hands off’ approach at work far too often. Quote:

Ben Tran, 22, who is an employee at Song Huong Vietnamese Restaurant believes nothing will change. He said that this is just one of many incidents over the past couple of months. And each time the police failed to protect them. End of quote.


As Milo said, after the Pulse nightclub massacre, ?the left chose Islam over gays?. Now, they?ve chosen Africans over Melbourne?s hard-working, peaceful Asian community.