The Greens sure can choose ’em

Caption: Star-struck Greens members pose for a selfie with a member of their favourite Split Enz tribute group.

It?s getting to the stage where lampooning the Greens is like shooting fish in a barrel. For months, the party has been mired in scandal after scandal, all of their own making. From tearing itself apart in a (gluten-free) bun fight between environmentalists and communists, to allegations of rampant sexual abuse, the party has become so toxic that even its own members are going feral.

Then there are the candidates; oh, boy, the candidates. There?s the rapper who bragged about date-rape and woman-beating, the candidate who boasted about doing drugs and shoplifting, not to mention the outspokenly anti-white racists. The Greens have wrong-footed themselves so often that it almost feels bad to make fun of them now, like laughing while you poke a retarded monkey with a stick.

But, hey, why stop while I?m having fun? Quote:

A Greens member describing himself as an ?alcoholic f?boii? who goes on ?weekends of slut-dropping benders? has been chosen as the party?s candidate for the prime seat of Sydney at the federal election. End of quote.

Caption: Demonstrating the “Compassionate Lefty Head-Tilt”.

The Greens are apparently so desperate for candidates now that they?re recruiting members of Split Enz tribute groups.

But, underneath the clown suit lurks yet another sinister Watermelon leftist. Quote:

Colleagues of Matthew Thompson, who won preselection for the safe Labor seat in December, went to ground on Tuesday after The Daily Telegraph questioned a number of crude posts sent from his official social media handle.

It?s understood he is aligned with the party?s hard-left faction which includes Newtown MP Jenny Leong, NSW upper house MP David Shoebridge and former Senator Lee ?Rhiannon. End of quote.

Unfortunately, the media attention is ignoring the inexorable infiltration of the Greens by hardcore Marxists ? which lead Greens MP to tear up his membership last month ? in favour of pointing and laughing at another sparkly piece of jetsam from the Green?s ship of fools. Quote:

In a post showing a photo of Mr Thompson covered in glitter at Sydney?s Imperial Hotel in March 2018, he wrote: ?Category is glitter smothered raging alcoholic f?boii in mesh and snapback.?

In another post from Sydney?s Gay and Lesbian Mardis Gras, he said: ?weekends of slutdropping benders at Arq finally paid off in the form of me aggressively shimmying my way at the front of the Greens float.? End of quote.

Unsurprisingly, the rest of the motley crew are keeping mum and skulking belowdecks. Quote:

Several Greens MPs ?declined to comment when asked whether the posts were appropriate, including party leader Richard Di Natale whose office referred The Telegraph to the NSW Greens.

Ms Leong, who is pictured on Facebook with Mr Thompson during a renters? rights campaign last year, did not ?respond to a request for comment and neither did Ms ?Rhiannon.

Upper House MP Justin Field said he was not friends with Mr Thompson and did not follow his Instagram page.

Ballina MP Tamara Smith said strict party rules prohib?ited her from commenting. Mr Shoebridge was not available for comment.

Mr Thompson is attempting to unseat Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek, who has held Sydney since 1998. End of quote.


Who knows? Maybe he?s a perfect fit for a seat currently represented by the wife of a convicted heroin smuggler?