The Guardian goes full Minitrue

Caption: A Guardian journalist hard at work.

In Orwell?s 1984, the Ministry of Truth ? Minitrue, in Newspeak ? is, like all departments of the Party, a callously deliberate misnomer. Its real function is to systematically falsify all news and historical records. Its mission of calculated lying is summed by its slogan: ?War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength.?

The Guardian is the Ministry of Truth for the contemporary left. While most of the legacy media quickly retracted their initial take on the ?Covington Kids? furore, some stealthily, some with an open show of contrition, the Guardian is not only refusing to acknowledge the plain facts, it?s doubling down on the fake news, and blatantly lying. Quote:

Conservative media have normalized the boys? aggressive form of political expression, and tried to further discredit both fact-oriented media and high-profile liberals. Media outlets have been effectively gaslighted, and many climbed down from coverage which was based on the most clear and obvious interpretation of the boys chanting, making gestures and making tomahawk chops. End of quote.

Literally none of that is true. But it gets worse: in an astonishing display of left-wing chutzpah the Guardian?s Jason Wilson proceeds to project its own deceitful, bigoted behaviour on its enemies. Quote:

What it tells us is that in 2019, conservatives understand they can construct a parallel reality and have it accepted. They can act in bad faith and prevail, using tried and tested tactics that liberal media continue to fall for. End of quote.

This is astonishing. The facts are in on the Covington incident, courtesy of hours of unedited video. It is also now emerging that the initial viral post which touched off the left?s latest eruption of uninformed rage and hatred was deliberately seeded by a hoax account.

The lies and bad faith propaganda don?t stop there. Quote:

The most influential revisionist account of the confrontation to emerge was written by Reason?s Robbie Soave. In a commentary on the two-hour version of the original video (which readers were unlikely to watch in full), where Soave reframed the discussion to include the actions of a group unrelated either to the students or to Native protesters, and claimed that there had been no wrongdoing on the part of the students. End of quote.

There had been none. Even CNN?s Jake Tapper admits this.

Note also what Wilson is trying to do: discredit the facts by attacking the source (known as the ?Genetic Fallacy?). Like most far-leftists, the Guardian falsely conflates libertarianism with conservativism. The libertarian Reason frequently adopts positions, such as open borders, completely at odds with conservatives.

The ?group unrelated to either? was in fact the catalyst of the confrontation that the fake news highlighted, as Wilson tacitly admits. Quote:

Conservative media has been unified and resolute in hammering the narrative that Nathan Philips, a Native American veteran, somehow provoked the boys by coming between them and a small group of Black Hebrew Israelites, to whose insults they had responded with chants. End of quote.

Wilson conveniently ignores not only that the Black Hebrew Israelites ? a notoriously anti-Semitic black supremacist organisation ? were yelling racist and homophobic insults, but that members of Phillips? Native American group were, too. The ?aggressive?, ?taunting? and ?provocative? actions were coming from everyone but the Covington students.

Astonishingly, Wilson then tries to minimise the left?s disgusting mob attack on the students. Quote:

Tweets calling for violence or doxxing against high school students are obviously and clearly unacceptable, but nor are they typical of the criticisms made of the boys, their school and their conduct. They also focus the audience on liberal journalists and celebrities ? mostly women ? who their audience feel comfortable in deriding and dismissing. End of quote.


C J Pearson has compiled a database of ? so far ? tens of thousands of instances of abuse and threats of doxxing, violence and death directed at the Covington students. Contrary to Wilson?s biased lies, they are absolutely typical of the left?s response to the affair. Indeed, they?ve actually got worse since the truth of the incident came to light. Trying to reframe the leftist abusers as victims is even more disgusting.

The Guardian is a boot stamping on the face of truth ? forever.