The Left’s desperate housewives

Caption: Leaked image of a Women’s March planning meeting.

Feminists used to boast that if the world were run by women everything would be more peaceful. It was a self-serving fantasy, of course. Female leaders have sent their countries to wars, and have proven every bit as susceptible to venality and corruption as their male counterparts. Female terrorists, from Ulrike Meinhof to ISIS, are notorious for their addiction to violence and cruelty.

An even bigger lie of feminism, though, is ‘sisterhood’. Anecdotal and empirical evidence shows that women are responsible for some of the most vicious online bullying.

So it?s no surprise that the most high-profile women?s political movement of recent years has degenerated into cliques and cat-fights. Quote:

For the first Women?s March two years ago, a record number of protesters across America pulled on pink ?pussy hats? and pounded the pavements in sisterly solidarity against the new president. The second Women?s March was all about ?power to the polls?, focusing on last year?s mid-term elections.

The third, however, has been so bitterly splintered and bogged in controversy that two competing Women?s Marches made their way through Manhattan on Saturday?Women?s March NYC and the Women?s March Alliance had contemplated joining forces to fight for women?s rights together, but ended up fighting each other. End of quote.

I was heavily involved in my children?s early years, and was the only male at their playgroup. It was astonishing to witness how gossipy and bitchy women?s groups could be. The cliquiness got to the stage that different factions congregated in different parts of the building.

But the problems with the Women?s March were obvious from the beginning: organised by notorious anti-Semites, tied to Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated groups, and lead by people like Donna Hylton, who served 25 years for the rape-torture-murder of a 62-year-old man. Quote:

Early organisers of the 2017 march have claimed that anti-semitic comments were made during planning meetings ? and the spotlight has been on Tamika Mallory, one of its co-chairwomen, who is now a leader of Women?s March, Inc?Last year, Mallory, 38, attended a Nation of Islam event during which Farrakhan referred to ?Satanic Jews? and said: ?White folks are going down, and Satan is going down.? She has also described Farrakhan as ?the GOAT [greatest of all time]?. She later argued that her praise related to Farrakhan?s work with black communities.

Last Monday the fire was stoked when Mallory appeared on The View, a popular daytime television show, and again refused fully to denounce Farrakhan. End of quote.

The bigotry behind the Women?s March has, if anything, intensified: one planned march was banned for being ?too white?.

Naturally, no bigoted left-wing clownshow is complete without the left?s prize clown du jour: Quote:

The big buzz is about Ocasio-Cortez?s last-minute surprise appearance. End of quote.

Photoshopped image of Ocasio-Cortez Credit: unknown