The staggering cost of the Halal scam

Caption: Consumers are growing increasingly uneasy about the cost and the reach of halal certification.

There?s no doubt that the issue of halal certification vexes the public in a way that kosher certification does not. As the cost of the halal certification industry skyrockets, and its remit grows ever wider, consumers are beginning to kick back, publishing consumer guides and advocating boycotts.

Critics might blame that on ‘Islamophobia’, but if that were the case, one must ask why kosher certification never roused the same angst. After all, it?s not as if Australia was immune to anti-Jewish sentiment in its past. The truth is not only that halal is invasive in a way that kosher is not, but that it also has an exorbitant cost. Quote:

Queensland abattoirs are being slugged thousands of dollars a month through a religious levy on meat exports so powerful Muslim clerics in Jakarta can raise money for Islamic schools and mosques.

The Halal certification fees can cost some meat processors up to $27,000 a month.

The Indonesian Council of Ulama (MUI), the top Islamic body which orders fatwa religious rulings, has even banned a Brisbane business from operating – because it was not charging Queensland abattoirs enough to give the religious tick-off to export meat. End of quote.

Authorities do their best to hide data like this. For instance, an Australian Parliamentary ‘quick guide’ lists fees for kosher certification, but not for halal. As we see, they have good reason.

Kosher fees quoted by Parliament work out to at most about $500 a month. Halal costs tens of thousands.

Then there are the concerns about where the billions raised by halal certification goes. This is not easy to ascertain, as the whole business is shrouded in secrecy. Quote:

Certifiers must donate a share of their revenue to mosques and Islamic schools.

AHFS – which refused to comment on Saturday – sponsors the As-Salaam Institute of Islamic Studies, based in Eight Mile Plains. It has also spent funds repairing and maintaining mosques in Rochedale and Rockhampton. End of quote.


The governing body for halal certification is based in Mecca, from where a global network of funding has been used to spread Saudi Arabia?s ultra-conservative Salafist ideology via mosques and madrassas. In other countries, halal certification has been linked to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Then there is the ever-growing, and absurd, reach of halal certification. There is absolutely no need for bread, milk, nuts, honey, and even cat food to be Halal certified, yet all are pouring money into halal coffers.

Comparisons between halal and kosher is absurd. Like Islam in general, halal is aggressively intrusive, in a way that Judaism and kosher is not. Muslims try to force KFC to stop serving bacon, while KFCs in Australia?s Jewish communities happily hand out the chicken, cheese ?n? bacon burgers to anyone who wants one.

As Christian aid group, Barnabas Fund, says: ?The imposition of sharia practices on non-Muslims may be interpreted as an act of Islamic supremacy?.

Western consumers are being scammed to pay for the white-anting of their own civilisation.