The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week?

Well, we did not have to wait long to find out who was the prime cut for this week’s Sunday Roast, did we? Our roastee stepped forward at 8 am on Monday and was never in danger of being toppled for the rest of the week.

When the concept of this column was floated it was a fairly sure bet that Golriz Ghaharaman would be a guest when the roast was carved one Sunday, and here she is.

It all started over a curious Twitter spat between a lesbian and a TERF. Basically, the lesbian suggested that she was sexually attracted to women, which if memory serves me right is the textbook definition, and that she would therefore not date a transwoman. A transwoman is, as you are aware, actually a man with a mental condition. So this Tweeter was simply telling the world where her sexual preference boundary lay.

Why anyone would bother to tell the world this is another issue altogether but a Trans Rights Activist got her knickers in a twist over this and shot off an angry Tweet in response.

Step forward the Green List MP who is the party spokeswhatever for Human Rights. You know, the ones that talk about freedom of association and such like. (Honestly, you couldn’t script this stuff.)

Suddenly, according to Golriz, lesbians caused homelessness for 1/3 of “rainbow youth” and it all went downhill from there.

Nermal was a tad harsh with this response, but probably reflects the feelings of many others: Quote.

I believe politicians represent their section of the community. Golriz represents the IQ 50 – 70 group. End quote.

Tobias F?nke tried to extend the ‘thinking’ behind this to a ‘logical’ conclusion and as a result had to resort to paracetamol. Quote.

So, the logic of Golriz and Bex must men that gay men are misogynists because they aren’t sexually attracted to women? I’m not sexually attracted to men, so I must be homophobic? No of course not, that’d be a ridiculous proposition, to say that somebody is bigoted towards people they are not sexually attracted to. Yet somehow this same logic is supposed to be perfectly sound when Golly and Bex use it against lesbians? I dunno… my brain is all tied in knots after trying to understand this. End quote.

CLawz suggested that Golriz was just making stuff up. Surely not? Quote.

More abject nonsense from our most useless List MP.
“…those boundaries mean almost 1/3 of our Rainbow community young people are made homeless when they can’t come out to their families..” 
This statement makes no sense. 
Is she saying 33% of the Rainbow youth of NZ are on the streets because of lack of acceptance by family members? That would be quite a number, and one I suggest she’s simply plucked out of her feeble mind rather than relying on any proven data. Also – If they “can’t” come out to their families as stated, presumably the family remain unaware of the youth’s sexual orientation, so why then the homelessness as alleged. 
This silly woman has form for making stuff up and trying to pass it off as fact. Anything she says should be treated with suspicion. End quote.

deja vu wondered where the environmental issues had disappeared to in the Greens’ playbook. Quote.

They aren’t only dangerous, they’re completely unnecessary. The ‘environment’ is the least of their concerns. The fashionable ravings about ‘intersectionalty’ (or whatever) is not what they’re being paid for. They can’t do the job they’re paid for, they don’t want to do the job they’re paid for, they’ve been taking us to the cleaners for far too long, and they’ve lost the right to their pay packet. The whole lot of them would be sacked if they worked in the real world. They’re not fit for purpose. We simply cannot allow MMP to continue in its current form. End quote.

As did LNF. Quote.

I used to think the Greens were a safe vote for those that didn’t want to vote the main parties. A voice to take care of Mother Earth. They are nothing of the kind. They are a dangerous group with an agenda. Not sure they have always been like this or if it started with the winger “give me back my flag” protester. Voters, please dump them next election.

LNF end quote.

Keith R carved off a succulent slice by having a laugh at the stupidity of it all. Quote.

Reading that article, firstly I laughed at silly Golriz digging her deep hole, so inept.
Secondly, these poor ?marginalised? people seem desperate to be offended, actively looking for offence under every rock and in every closet, every hidden place imaginable. End quote.