The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week?

Our special guest for the Sunday roast this week is none other than the man with more ulterior motives than most of us have had hot roasts. The man who reads his party name as ‘WP First’ but convinces gullible Kiwis it is actually ‘NZ First.’

For some peculiar and unfathomable reason, commenters seem to consider Winston’s turncoat actions on immigration to be an act of treachery, bordering (pardon the pun) on treason.

Christie got a tad indignant in her recent post on Winston and immigration, even going so far as to say:

All politicians lie through their back teeth to get into office and lie all the way through their political careers. Jacinda is a fool if she believes otherwise. Winston Peters is the biggest hypocrite of them all. People used to say about Winston that he would??keep the government honest?.?How can that possibly be true when he is so blatantly dishonest himself?

Archilochus postulated that there may be something in it for Winston, surely not – how unkind!

Jacinda wanted the UN Migration Compact badly. It fits precisely with her “progressive” globalist worldview. Did Peters see a chance to do a deal and if so what did he get in return? He might have expected his supporters to forget or forgive by 2020, yet he insulted them by suggesting they were too thick to understand the issue or were “alt-right”. An economic downturn will increase public concern about immigration levels and rampant fraud as the article suggests. Peters is toast electorally – Jacinda’s reward had better be good.

kayaker went so far as to suggest that Winston had even manipulated Our Glorious Leader and was even taking advantage of her naivety.

It was obvious from the get-go that Jacinda Ardern was sucked in by Winston Peters. He?s been, still is, and will continue taking advantage of her. Jacinda is too naive, lacking in wisdom and ideological to see it. It begs the question – how many of her morals, ethics and principles did she compromise to let Winston have his way while anointing her in the process? I said at the time (of her elevation to leader of the Labour Party) that Jacinda was the sacrificial lamb for Labour. Anything to get into power. I wouldn?t be surprised if she burns out, if not already, we?ve not seen hide nor hair of her since the Christmas break started.

Human saw dark days ahead for NZ First because of Winston’s actions.

NZ First will die on this hill. There is no greater threat to NZ than unrestrained immigration. Future migrants must 1. Contribute. 2. Assimilate. Bringing those who develp ghettos, consume social welfare, and fight to reshape the values of our society must be excluded and, if in the country, expelled before they obtain citizenship. Those who have citizenship but violate their oath/affirmation must be sripped of their citizenship and expelled. The existential necessity of the above will become obvious in other places (as it has in Sweden, Germany, etc.) before it does here but the imperative remains nonetheless.

As did Bob Down.

Poor old Winston, his narcissistic arrogance is simply SO overwhelmingly powerful that he truly believed, and he just KNEW, that he could do whatever he wanted. 
People would swoon at his smile, and cave in to his erudite bluster.
He was wrong.
Now even he will know that he is painted into the corner.
This is the death knell of NZ “First”.

Winston’s breathtaking hypocrisy and Shane Jones championship level bored arrogance are a lethally toxic amalgam which will consign their lying party to the bin of history.

Bye bye Winston

We will leave Plantagenet to mop up the last of the gravy …

I really don’t think Winston gives a tuppenny damn. He’s almost 74 yrs old, he’s extremely well off (thanks to the NZ taxpayer), he’s had a long and successful career in politics and, once he retires, he will take the knighthood and whatever cushy sinecure he’s offered with both hands. That day can’t be far off. Shane Jones will take over NZF and given the amount of money he’s throwing around, he will have bought some votes for them around the country, just like Winston’s great triumph, the Gold Card, locked in many voters for NZF. As for immigration, Winston knew, thanks to his countless public meetings over the years, what a big concern it is for ordinary, largely powerless kiwis. He has used it and milked it for all it’s worth but never intended, of course, to actually do anything about it. Being in a coalition Govt always provides the perfect excuse for inaction as well, as Winston well understands. NZF won’t want to give up on the issue entirely though so watch them make some token stand on it once the election gets close. People will still vote for them, wait and see.

… as Paul Marsden is surely not expecting anything.

Peter’s, once a hero of mine, is nothing more than a conman and a leech on our society. I will be the first of many to dance on his political grave, when gone. I hope he rots in hell for what he has prostituted future NZ generations to.