The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week? 

To mix it up a little this week, a couple are invited to share the Sunday roast. The dinner table conversation may be a little stilted and awkward as I am not sure that Jami-Lee and Sarah are on speaking terms these days. So, to keep the conversation flowing, we reached out to Paula and Simon to make up the numbers.

Sounds like fun!

In a coordinated media dump on Friday, both Barry Soper and David Fisher broke the ‘news’ that the “You deserve to die.” texter was Sarah Dowie. Not that it really was news, it was just that the media lacked the guts to actually print her name up to this point.

Curiously, absolutely coincidentally [NOT], SpanishBride had already selected Sarah as Face of the Day.

So what did our commenters have to say?

Sally thought she would get the conversation rolling with

Ah see the Herald has confirmed what most of us already knew who sent the abusive text to Jami-Lee Ross.
Why hasn?t Bridges and Bennett stood her down. Surely since she is under a police investigation it needs to happen.
Ross wasn?t under a police investigation but made to take leave but Dowie who is, can stay and be protected. end quote

Souvlaki suggested the police investigation was a complete waste of time and Kiwiracer concurred: quote.

Totally agree.
Men and women have been having affairs with nasty break-ups since time began, this is such a non-event. end quote.

To which deja vu responded:

It’s only an event because both have put themselves in public positions courtesy of the voters in their electorates. They have not been at all discreet about it, and have let it blight their personal lives, those of their families, and let down the long-suffering taxpayer who definitely isn’t getting value for money. We have far too many MPs for the size of our population as it is. Parliament isn’t a playground or a night club. We should cut them to 100 maximum, and expect far more of them as people we can look up to and trust. end quote.

LesleyNZ finished her mouthful, dabbed her lips with a serviette and summarised it all nicely with

Despicable and disgusting. Both should resign. They have let down their constituents and family. end quote.

And Sunshine heartily agreed:

They have brought it upon themselves. If they would be honest people they would step down. But they are not. They are selfish. end quote.

ex-JAFA wasn’t holding back:

This is about Dowie stitching Ross up, being a party to framing him for something he never did, just because both her husband and her lover gave her the ankle. end quote.

deja vu brought the conversation back to the issue at hand:

So, it’s perfectly fine to cheat on your spouses and adversely affect your own children’s lives just for the sake of a fling? Both these people were in the public eye, and communicating with each other on Twitter. If Sarah Dowie was my MP I’d expect her to have resigned ‘for personal reasons’.

This kind of thing has gone on in the past, but never so publicly and never so brazenly. Why aren’t these people putting their jobs and families first? Don’t they know the meaning of self-control in these days of incessant navel-gazing? What happened to integrity, loyalty, responsibility to your employer and sacrifice? It just goes to show that, even with the amount of licence prevalent in our day, you can’t have it all. end quote.

Isherman reminded us that the problem now extends well beyond the original pair:

Simon’s problem is he is going to get caught between a rock and a hard place with apparent double standards in this. Few ways out and none of them good ones. end quote.

KGB summarised the whole tawdry situation:

I am in two minds about this. Firstly, I think it?s so sad for the children of both SD & JLR to endure their parents public ridicule and shaming.
Paula Bennett opened the door on JLR?s affair and protecting the other party seemed unjust. In our #metoo world today women cannot expect the protection society once provided for ?the weaker sex.?
Simon Bridges opened the door on the JLR saga without proof, and slipping out the word ?embarrassing? was no accident. Neither PB or SB could continue protect the identity of SD considering their public actions.
But for all we know this could send SD to the edge.
The text in full is particularly nasty, but breakups often are. If the text was sent with full knowledge of JLR?s instability at that time it is totally unacceptable. If not, we should all reflect on nasty words we?ve used ourselves when hurt.
But once again I argue when demand perfect people to represent us, we would have an empty chamber. Our democracy is poorer for the expectation of that perfection.
The whole thing is just sad.