The Sunday Roast

Who did the readers give a good old Kiwi roasting this week?

Welcome to what could become a regular feature where we review the Monday through Friday posts and see who was given a good old Kiwi roasting by the readers. There will be a short synopsis of the original post and then a selection of feedback comments. Many popular articles generate over 100 comments, and we realise that not everyone has time to go back and read them all. While all comments on Whaleoil are valued and contribute hugely our enjoyment of the blog, some, like cream, rise to the top. Those are the ones we will feature.

On Friday we looked at the record road toll and recalled that, just after being thrust into government by Winston Peters, Ms Julie Anne Genter laid the previous year’s road toll squarely at the feet of the National government and said that her new government would fix it.

She then announced Vision Zero (driving blind through a Reporoa winter fog?) that would have it sorted by 2020.

Then, a mere year later, she told us it would take decades to fix and hinted that her grand plan is that we would all be driving at slower, ‘safer’ speeds as soon as the impediments of living in a democracy could be dealt with.

If an American has left their home country and taken up permanent residence in New Zealand, does that make them US-less? Quote.

Postian certainly thought so: Quote.

Genter gives new meaning to ineptitude – a disgraceful appointment to that portfolio. End quote.

Big_Al was thinking along similar lines: Quote.

How on earth did this immature and delusional foreigner ever get into our coalition of losers. Surely there should be a requirement to be a resident followed by being a legal citizen for so many years before ever being considered in a parliamentary position.
Apart from her degree in pushbike peddalology she obviously has no idea about the transport system and issues here in NZ. The Greens sure aren’t fussy about who they let on board, are they. End quote.

To which libertysparks replied: Quote.

She wouldn’t have a chance in US politics, but unfortunately in NZ politics she is a Minister. What does that say about NZ politics, and about our country? End quote.

And Jayar told Big_Al: Quote.

Unfortunately “this immature and delusional foreigner” has ensconced herself in an occupation and with a salary she could have only dreamt of. Worse still, is likely to be settled there for some time. To think we’re stuck with this lot – thank you Peters. End quote.

Many commenters picked up on her annoyance about living in a democracy. A fun exchange was started by Toby: Quote.

I love the way she says ?but we live in a democracy? implying that was the hindrance to her plans. End quote.

Ceebee responded to Toby with Quote.

Yes – a Freudian slip that she wants to do something that the majority do not want and that democracy is more of a hindrance to her than what it should reflect – ?the will of the majority?.

Every politician?s first thought should be to action the will of the majority, otherwise they are arrogant, self-centered ?bad people? who are bringing down our (founded on democracy) civilisation.

Note – ?bad people? replaced my usual choice of words as I don?t want to be banned! End quote.

The Blue Rinse added: Quote.

Winston would sign it off in a second……he doesn?t recognise democracy. End quote.

And Bun_Me threw a great one-liner back to The Blue Rinse: Quote.

He thought you said “we live in a hypocrisy” End quote.

The most succulent slice of the roast was the very first comment for the day from Angus Aardvark: Quote.

What can possibly have caused the small rise in the road toll? 
How about a small rise in the population and number of cars on the road?

Anything that doesn’t relate it back to number of people / cars is meaningless, else “Oh look, the Chatham islands have a very low road toll, we should drive like they do.”

Click bait, power bait, vote bait, outrage bait. End quote.